I’m Back!

I’m Baaaaaack!

Well, last week was finals, and yesterday I moved all of my stuff back home! I have a skinny pathway from my door to my bed because my room is filled with all of my things. I have made a small dent in the stacks of boxes but I got a little distracted.

Anyway, you don’t really want to hear about me unpacking, do you? I didn’t think so.

I just thought I’d post a little something for those of you who care enough to actually follow me! First of all, thank you for following my jibber-jabber. My blog is coming up on its two year anniversary and I’m amazed by the progress I’ve made. I’ll post something a little more sentimental on the anniversary. Anyway, I did decide, in January, to take a break from blogging during this past semester, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made regarding this blog. This past semester has been busy, busy, busy.

I had tons of work to do for classes since my brain malfunctioned and thought it would be a great idea to take an excessive amount of classes. Anyway, I’m waiting to get my grades from this past semester (they should be release sometime next week). I know I set a somewhat unrealistic goal for myself at the start of the semester by hoping I could get straight A’s again. Not that it would have been impossible, just that I would have stressed myself out way too much trying to pull it off. Simply, it wasn’t worth the stress it would have caused.

On a lighter note, I also had clubs and organizations that I dedicate a small amount of time to each week. Plus, my school finally allowed a resource center for the LGBT community on campus, which I, of course, volunteered some time for.

I’m not going to get into the smaller details of what I spend all my time doing, but just know that if I had tried to blog during this past semester, the content would have been spaced out and of unbelievably poor quality. I wouldn’t want to give my beautiful readers absolute crap.

Wow, this post has become much longer than I originally intended.

To the point! I’m back for the summer, and I will make a decision as fall approaches as to whether I will continue into the fall. For the summer months you can expect semi-regular blog posts. I have some things planned. I will be bringing back some of the old blog series that I have done in the past. I will do a challenge in July, as has become sort of a tradition. And I will try to find some fun new ideas to keep you all entertained!

Stay tuned for an obnoxiously long post coming out later today!



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