July Challenge!


I am very well aware that I totally suck at managing this blog this summer. Sorry.

Anyway, as promised, I am doing a blogging challenge in July. I have to be honest with you; I did think about skipping this tradition this year because I have sucked so much thus far. But, I decided that If I really want to get myself back in the habit, this would be a good way to do it. I’m always up for a challenge. Just say the word ‘challenge’ to me and I automatically have more motivation.

So what’s the challenge?

This July, starting tomorrow, I will be doing the Noun Challenge.

What’s that?

Basically, you go online to a Noun Generator and generate a noun, then write a post having to do with that noun.

Noun Generator?

Yea, something like this one! (Click here!)

Oh! Okay! But are you seriously going to keep up with this? I have trust issues.

I’m going to try. I’ve decided that I’m going to post everyday. I considered only posting every other day, but its called a challenge for a reason!

Alright! So that’s that! You can be expecting a post a day throughout July. Also, if anyone wants to, feel free to join in!



One thought on “July Challenge!

  1. quattrohands says:

    Good for you. …Sometimes a goal like this is all it takes!

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