Google Auto-fill

Today’s noun is: Question.

So, what could I write relating to the word question? I think everyone knows what a question is, so I don’t think an explanation would be a very good idea. Maybe I could answer some questions? If any of you watch YouTube… ever, you have probably seen people doing the Google auto-fill. If not, basically you start typing something into Google, and Google fills in the most popularly typed in things. Or something like that. I don’t know if its the most popular things or not, but whatever. So that’s what I’m doing. I’m going to start typing questions in and I will answer the suggestions that Google supplies. Let’s get started, shall we?

How Do I…?

Start a blog? Well that’s interesting! What I did was just sign myself up and start typing. You’ll figure it out from there. Keeping up with it is a whole other question and I’m probably not the best person to answer that.

Delete my Twitter? I’m sure there’s and option to deactivate your account in your settings. I’ve never deleted my Twitter so I can’t direct you to that option.

Put this gently? Well, it depends on what this is but, here’s some broadly applicable advice: Euphemisms? I’m starting with the assumption that you’re giving someone bad news. Keep in mind that they will probably be upset, so you’ll want to feed it to them slowly and try to be empathetic. I’m pretty bad at advice. Sorry.

Get a passport? You go to the post office and fill out the form. Then you make an appointment. They will ask you where you are going and why. Then they take your picture, so remember to look nice. A few weeks late you should get your passport in the mail.

Where Can I…?

Buy stamps? At the post office. Although some grocery stores will have a machine where you can buy a sheet or book of stamps, but a post office will definitely have them.

Watch Game of Thrones? On HBO? I don;t even know what channel it comes on. If you don’t have a subscription to whatever channel it actually airs on, then I can’t be of much help to you. I can only say there are probably plenty of places to stream it from.

Buy Cards Against Humanity? This is a great game. I highly suggest it. It can be bought on sites like Amazon. I’ve never seen it in a store, but I’m sure its in one of them.

Buy Garcinia Cambogia? Wal Mart? Probably any type of drug store, really.


Is the sky blue? It has to do with the was the air molecules scatter light. I remember being taught that it was the reflection of the ocean, but let’s be honest, if that were true, the sky would have more of a greenish tint. Yay pollution! (Not really. It’s a joke. I’m not promoting pollution. Calm down). Anyway. The blue light from the sun it scattered more widely than the red light, so that’s what we see. At sunset the sky looks more red, because the blue light has been scattered out of our line of sight. Got it?

Why do we yawn? I believe this is a way for your body to get the oxygen your breaths lack when you are bored or tired. In this state, you don;t breath as deeply, so a yawn is how your body gets the air it needs. You didn’t ask why it’s contagious. If you want to know, ask in the comments. (Desperate attempt to get you to comment).

Am I so tired? There could be many reasons, really. If you didn’t get enough sleep last night, or multiple nights in a row (get off the internet and go to bed), then your body didn’t start the day with the energy it needed. Also, if you did a lot of hard work, physical or mental, then your body could just be tired from working.

Do cats purr? They purr pretty much when they are feeling anything other than content. They purr when they are happy, or sick, or even dying. While purring is considered to be a vocalization, it is not considered to be a vocalization of communication. You didn’t ask how they purr, though! Haha! Again, if you want to know, ask in the comments. Please.

So there we go! Some questions answered by me. I’m a reliable source, so if you came here looking for homework answers… (I’m not actually a reliable source. It was another joke. I’m so funny. Your teacher should have told you that blogs are not scientific journals.)

The conclusion that I draw from this post is that questions starting with ‘Why’ often have more interesting answers. The more you ask Why? the more you will learn. Seriously, question everything (when it’s an appropriate time to do so).

I apologize for the typos and grammatical errors and any other problems you find. Have a nice day and I’ll see you tomorrow!




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