Sex vs. Gender

Noun Challenge: July 7, 2014

Today’s noun: Sex

Sex and gender are (too) often used synonymously. They are different. Seriously.

For most people, their sex matches their gender. This will make more sense in a minute. But for some people, the two don’t match at all.

Okay, let me explain the difference. Sex is something that get assigned to you at birth. When you are born, the doctor looks at what you have between your legs, and makes the decision. This is what you are stuck with for the rest of your life (unless you go through the process of changing it, which, I have heard, is not easy). Your gender is what you feel like. For most people, if they are assigned the label of female based on their body, they tend to feel like a girl. I don’t mean that they all like shoes and make-up, but they are comfortable with the body parts that they have, and prefer to be referred to as ‘she’ and ‘her’.

The short version of that is sex is what’s in your pants, gender is what’s in your heart.

So why am I telling you this?

That would be because I want you to understand the difference. Just because you see someone who has two lumps of fat on their chest, doesn’t mean you should assume that that person is a girl. Yes, their sex is probably female, but they might prefer to be called ‘he’ or ‘him’. Some people choose to have surgery or undergo hormone replacement therapy in order to make their body match the way they feel.

Please remember that there is a difference between these two words, and that some people’s sex and gender do not match.

As always, sorry for the typos and grammatical errors. Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow!




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