Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic (July 11)

Noun Challenge: July 17, 2014

Today’s noun: Photograph

Since today’s noun is photograph, I figured I’d do the photo challenge (like I said I was going to start doing again and then didn’t). If you’re a new follower, I used to do the Weekly Photo Challenge every week, but I eventually got distracted by school work. Click here to see my other photo challenges! If you are here because this is a photo challenge post and you are very confused about the first two lines, I am doing the Noun Challenge this month. Click here to see previous Noun Challenge posts!

So, photo challenge. View the prompt here! Okay, no more links, I promise!

The prompt this week is Relic. I thought for a while about what relics I have, and nothing popped into mind. So, like the lazy person I have been recently (I’ve been using all old pictures for photo challenges recently), I went through all of the pictures on my computer.  Well, I got nothin’. So I though about some more. Somehow I thought about all of the old religious books we have in our family library. So, here we have some old prayer books from 1928, and 1939. I assume they belonged to a relative.

There you go. It’s pretty cool that these books are completely in Hebrew (Prayer books now, have the English translation underneath the Hebrew). Also cool, these are from WWII era. Just a fun little note.

Have a beautiful day and I’ll see you tomorrow!



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