Counting Pages

Noun Challenge: July 18, 2014

Today’s noun: Page

Does anyone else count the amount of pages they read? I know most avid readers keep track of the amount of books they read in a year, or at least know approximately how many. But does anyone actually keep track of the amount of pages?

You’re probably wondering why you would keep track of how many pages you read. But I’ll counter with: Why do you keep track of how many books you read?

For me, knowing exactly how many books I’ve read in a year, shows my progress in reading. I try to read more books in a year, than I did in the last. But this year I’m trying something different; counting pages. Why? Because books are  all different sizes. If someone told you they read 20 books last year, you have no idea what that means. They could be talking about books the size of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, or they could be talking about children’s books like Pooh Get’s Stuck. You don’t really know. But if someone told you they read 5,000 pages last year, that means a little more. While they could still be talking about children’s books, they’d have to have read a whole lot more than 20 books to reach 5,000 pages.

Not that reading should be a competition (though it is a fun one to have with your friends), but counting pages will say more than just counting books. If you’re like me, and you want to read more than you did last year, counting pages will give you a better idea of when you have reached that goal.Keep in mind though that pages at the beginning and end of chapters are not always full pages. So, it is an estimate of pages.

It’s also a good way to see the average number of pages in the books you read.

I don’t know. You don’t have to do this, I’m just sharing an idea with you all.

Have a splendid day and I will see you tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “Counting Pages

  1. aeintngon says:

    I like to do the same thing. And this way I’m also more encouraged to read good 3-inches thick books. :) this summer I’m trying to read about 20,000 pages and break my old record. Good luck with your goal too.

  2. C. Miller says:

    That’s a really good idea!

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