Noun Challenge: July 20, 2014

Today’s noun: Cormorant

What is there to say about cormorants (not to say that they are boring)? Anyone up for another list?

  • They tend to live around coasts, but can be found farther inland near lakes or rivers.
  • They eat mainly fish and other aquatic life.
  • They are a member of the pelican family, having webbed toes.
  • The sit low in the water, sometimes only their head and neck can be seen.
  • To catch fish the birds will either dive or sink into the water.
  • Cormorants can dive up to 100 feet deep, but average about 20-30 feet deep.
  • The longest recorded dive was 71 seconds. (That would be a cool job; timing birds under water)
  • They can often be seen standing on rocks or posts near the water with their wings outstretched to dry.
  • Some fishermen have trained these birds to catch fish for them.

Those were fun facts, right? Yea! Now you can impress your friends with useless knowledge at the beach too!

Okay, here are some pictures:

Google Image search term “Cormorant bird diving”

Google Image search term: “Cormorant”

Google Image search term: “Cormorant”

Google Image search term: “Cormorant”














As always, have a jubilant day, and I’ll see you tomorrow!






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