Fun Gosling Facts

Noun Challenge: July 28, 2014

Today’s noun: Gosling

This proved to be more challenging that I originally thought. I was going to give you some fun facts about goslings (the animals) and some cute pictures. Everyone like baby animals, right? Well, I can’t find any because, if you didn’t already know, if you try to Google search “gosling facts”, the entire first page of results is “30 facts you didn’t know about Ryan Gosling” or other similar gossip. No offense Ryan, but I’m trying to make a post with cute animals, and your last name isn’t making it very easy.

After having to filter my search to remove celebrity gossip, this is what I found (if you don’t care and just want pictures, scroll down a bit):

  • Geese average about 5 goslings per year.
  • Geese mate for life, but will find a new partner if one dies.
  • They return to the place of their birth to mate.
  • Goslings spend 2-3 months on the ground before they learn to fly.
  • Adult Geese cannot fly during molting season (they lose some feathers). This lasts about six weeks.
  • Geese stay with their young until they can fly.
  • Geese will attack humans who come too close to their young.
  • Geese are one of the few birds that do not leave their families after mating season. Families stay together.

Not many facts, sorry. Like I said, Ryan Gosling insisted on interrupting. As promised, here are some pictures.

I’m sorry for that tired joke, but once again, he insisted.

As always, have a tip-top day and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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