Vacation and Harry Potter

Noun Challenge: July 31, 2014

Today’s noun: Vacation

First, I would like to start by wishing a happy birthday to Harry Potter. If you’re a hater, you don’t have to be here. Just kidding. Please stay? Anyway, I know that some people feel that the HP fandom goes a little over the top; that’s fine if you feel that way. But I just want to say that the HP books and movies have brought a lot of people together over the years. If you haven’t heard of the Harry Potter Alliance (HPA), a non-profit organization that uses Harry Potter to encourage civic engagement, you should check them out. They’re pretty cool. Okay, I won’t go on too long about this but keep in mind that your Hogwarts House is a very important part of me getting to know you. It looks bad if you don’t know your house.

Okay, so back to vacation. As you can tell by the date, this will be my last Noun Challenge post. I will not be posting daily after today. I will be keeping up with photo challenges (attempting to). Besides that, I will try to post at least two other posts per week, starting when I return from vacation the following week.

The best kind of vacation is one where you cut off your contact from the rest of the world. What fun is vacation if you’re still answering your work phone, or spending hours on facebook, just like you usually do? That misses the point of vacation. You should be focusing on relaxing and enjoying whatever activity you have planned. That could be anything from a busy schedule of outdoor activities, to lounging on the beach. Just relax and leave everything else behind. Its also a good time to bond with the friends or family that have gone on vacation with you.

I know that we are reaching the end of summer, but if you haven’t gone on vacation yet, maybe you should plan one. Even if it’s just a weekend trip to the beach, or camping, you deserve a break.

Have a magical day, and I’ll see you soon!



One thought on “Vacation and Harry Potter

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    I’m going on vacation in September. Definitely going to cut off from work :)

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