I’m Back!

Hello good readers of the world!

Aside from a few photo challenges, my last post was an update in which I promised to at least try to post once a week for the semester. What. a. fail. Okay so let me explain (and by explain, I mean make excuses. Come on, it’s tradition). So last update, I explained that my computer was having problems connecting to the network at school and I had no internet. Well, I did eventually get internet, though it could have been done much quicker. As it was explained to me, the network did not recognize my antivirus software (because it was a newer version) and therefore could not allow me on the network. Apparently the fix is to make some sort of exception or something. After a week of everyone looking around and saying ‘I don’t know’, someone was able to identify and fix the problem in maybe three hours.  Finally, I got internet.

Well, since it took them so long to execute this quick fix, I was behind on a lot of work. I was able to do some work in the library, but a lot of it needed to be done in private (client/participant confidentiality) and I needed more than three inches of desk space to spread my papers. To sum it up, I had a huge research project that required more space than the library could provide.

So my lack of internet for the first few weeks of school really set me behind on my work.

But you probably stressed yourself the next few weeks to catch up so why didn’t you post after that?

Let’s just say I had this crazy idea in my head that I would have time to run two campus organizations (with two positions on the executive board of each), become a senator for the Student Government Association, and take 15 credits of upper division classes. Now I know that that doesn’t really sound like all that much work but let me just explain that I had five meetings every week, each lasting at least an hour. I had events I had to plan (and also run). And I still had five classes to attend regularly, one of which required an entire social research project crammed into three months.

Now it may sound like I’m making excuses. And maybe I am. Could I have posted a blog here and there throughout the semester? Sure. I could have. Would it have been a quality post that I put a lot of thought into? Probably not.

The truth is, I had plenty of time to post something like this. An update about where I had been and what I had been doing. But honestly, it would have read something like this:

“For the last three days I have not left my room. I have been reading page after page of research articles, only taking breaks to type a theory paper. I have no plans for fun anytime in the near future.”

As for photo challenges, well, I certainly didn’t have time to go out an take photos. But you use old photos for photo challenges all the time! Yes, but if I don’t refuel, I’ll run out.

So, take this as you will. Either I was super busy and decided to use my little bit of down time to actually relax, or I don’t care about this blog and use school as an excuse not to post. Which ever boat you choose to board, do know that I apologize to anyone who missed my posts these last few months.

While I am on break now, and may post a few times over the next few weeks, I feel on edge about promising posts during the spring semester. While I don’t expect my school work load to be as heavy, I can’t promise anything.

As for photo challenges, I may post some here and there, but, again, I will not promise anything.

That is all for now!


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