Weekly Photo Challenge: Forces of Nature

Forces of Nature

Last year I went on a short hike (more of a stroll) through a national park that was still recovering from the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. There were lots of trees that had fallen, and some that had been completely torn from the ground. As we all know, trees are pretty resilient, but hurricanes are a pretty powerful force of nature. Here are some of the trees that were hurt in the storm.


Only a piece of the tree is left.


Behind this totally awesome tree that’s growing on top of a rock, you can see a tree broken by the high winds during the storm.


This tree pulled up its entire root system.

You can see in the lest picture that the tree pulled its roots up with it as it fell. However, it is still alive and growing. It did fall onto other trees, but it’s still growing strong. At the time the photo was taken, the tree had lost it’s leaves, and grew new ones.

The hurricane may have wounded the tree, but its still fighting! One force of nature against another.



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