Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Way (May 29)

Plane Sky

Pictures out a plane window are always fun to take, and fun to look at. Most of us know what the ground looks like from 30,000 feet, but its not something that we get to see everyday. Some people fly more often than others, and to those people, this is probably boring, but for those others, pictures like these make them feel like a kid again.

We’re used to looking up at the clouds, but when they’re right outside your window? That’s pretty cool.

I’m not sure exactly where this was taken, but its somewhere over the east coast of the U.S.


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3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Way (May 29)

  1. tourboston says:

    Nice! Heading our way any time soon? Boston’s great in June!

  2. I never get tired of looking out the window whenever I fly, and every time I indeed feel like a child, full of wonder. The thing is that it’s never the same, because the light, presence/absence of clouds, etc make the same landscape look different everytime, and do you catch a part of the wing in your photo or not? It’s an ever changing motif, so my favourite is always a window seat!

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