One Word Photo Challenge: Windy

Windy is one of those words that you need context to know what it means and how to pronounce it. The English language is weird. Some words are pronounced the same, but spelled differently. Red and read are perfect examples. But then there is read and read. They’re spelled the same, but pronounced differently. Of course, this chain goes on with read and reed.

What I’m getting to is that wind, the weather event is spelled the same as wind, the verb.

Wind (noun) is the perceivable movement of air. Wind (verb) is to bend or turn; or to have circular or spiral course or direction.

But wait! The prompt is windy not wind.

Okay, fine.

Windy (adjective) means accompanied by wind, or, winding; a material wound or coiled about an object.

So, now that you have an extensive understanding of these definitions, here is my photo for this week’s challenge!


This snake has a windy course or direction. It is wound, or coiled, about an object.


For the One Word Photo Challenge


2 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Windy

  1. I love this. I honestly forgot all about wind (the other definition). Thanks for catching it and going with it. I love your snake image- so vibrant and windy.

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