One Word Photo Challenge: Hurricane

Hurricanes are funny. Not in the damage they do, that’s not funny at all. But they are so predictable, but also not very predictable.

Hurricanes can be spotted and tracked weeks before they will even make contact with land. We know they’re coming, and we know when they will be here. But sometimes they don’t make it. Sometimes they are a lot weaker, and do much less damage than we thought. Other times, they are stronger, and destroy entire towns. We can predict their arrival, but not exactly what the result of their presence will be.

This is kind of the opposite of most natural disasters. Tornadoes can’t really be predicted, although we can be aware of the ideal conditions for their arrival. But we do know what the result of a tornado will be. Utter destruction. Earthquakes can’t be predicted yet, but we do have a few possible results of earthquakes: mountains, gaping holes in the ground, pretty much destruction of some degree.

Okay, enough of that. Here is my photo for this week’s challenge.


If you look, the lower porch of this apartment building is missing a post (which you can see on the ground), and two sections of railing. This damage was caused by hurricane Sandy.

Hurricanes are interesting creatures. What they decide to destroy, and what they leave is really fascinating.


For the One Word Photo Challenge


2 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Hurricane

  1. I’ve never quite thought about hurricanes in this way, but you are so right. They are funny in their own way. In FL sometimes people have hurricane parties. Typically, of course, when the impact is much less than expected and amounts to strong winds and some rain.

    I like your image for this. Overcast as if a storm has just been through, with small hints of damage.

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