Talking to You

Another day another post coming very close to late.

I don’t have anything specific to talk about today, so I’m just talking to those of you who follow me. And anyone who stumbles upon this.

Life is a weird thing. It only occurs under very specific conditions. You’ve probably heard some talk about this relating to Pluto and the New Horizons mission. But that’s not what I’m talking about. Well, it kind of is, I guess.

Anyway, we’ve all heard the saying that life is a miracle. It really is, when you think about it. What were the chances that a planet would form in the habitable zone, accumulate water, and have the perfect environment to support life?

And then that life actually formed on the planet. And we’ve progressed this far?

If even one of those variables changed, just slightly, none of us would be here. This post wouldn’t exist, nor would this website, or the internet at all. There may possibly not be any life at all on Earth. Pretty crazy.

Life is so fragile. So is the human body. We’re pretty well equipped to handle most things. Long distance travel? We used our intelligence to create trains, cars, boats, and planes. Can’t see in the dark? Candles, and light bulbs. Bored? We created a television, on which we watch other humans, pretending to be other humans.  Ill? antibiotics.

But sometime we are the cause of our own fall. You are your harshest critic. We beat ourselves up over the smallest things. We put ourselves down when the work we’ve done is just fine.

But also, our bodies sometimes work against us. For some people, their body is destroying itself, which makes the continuation of life much more difficult. Lots of people suffer from illnesses that make life a lot harder. For most things, we have a treatment, or even a cure. But sometimes that treatment, doesn’t work.

I wasn’t sure where this post was going when I started it, but it’s taken a turn down a dark, and slightly damp alley. Sorry

Last week, a guy, whom I didn’t know very well, lost his fight against cancer. We met a few years ago, in a special interest class. He was quiet, and a little reserved, but if you started a conversation, he’d participate. He seemed very nice, and I wish I’d gotten to know him a little better.

Now, I have this thing about glamorizing the dead. I can’t stand when people act like those who have died were perfect humans, and had no flaws, because it’s just not true. As I said, I didn’t know this man very well, so I don’t feel that it’s my place to talk about his flaws. I’m sure he had them, I just didn’t know him well enough to discover them.

Anyway, think the point I’m trying to make is that life is a really weird thing. We have this image that life is a strong and sturdy thing. But it’s not. It requires so many things to keep it going. And even when you give it all of those things, sometimes it ends early anyway.

I’m going to stop trying to be poetic or philosophical or whatever.

Tomorrow is never guaranteed, and no one will be in your life forever. keep that in mind.


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