One Word Photo Challenge: Tornado

When I first read through the list of challenges, I had no idea what I was going to do for this week’s. A tornado? I live in the mountains. We don’t get tornadoes. How would I ever complete this challenge?

Okay enough of the dramatics.

Luckily, I actually happened to see a tornado, quite a few, actually, while on vacation. Before you freak out, they were all very small tornadoes created by dirt and wind. I probably could have used this for the sand storm challenge a few weeks ago, but I though they were better suited for this week’s.


If you look very closely, just off-center, you will see a skinny tornado wreaking havoc on the empty field.

This was taken in California, I’m not exactly sure where, but somewhere between Los Angeles and San Francisco. If you can’t tell, it was taken from a moving vehicle, that’s why some of it looks a little blurry. Sorry.

If I ever see a big tornado, I’ll be sure to stop sprinting in terror to take a good picture!


For the One Word Photo Challenge

Part of the Daily Blogging Challenge


2 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Tornado

  1. You can’t blame me if anyone gets hurt (meaning you) because you stopped running to take a tornado picture. Just saying this in advance, so we’re clear ;) As for the picture at hand, nice shot! I like that you saved it for this week, it fits well. The slight blur to the image because of the moving vehicle almost makes it more real to me, you’re leaving the site of the tornado, you know? Thanks so much for sharing :)

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