What Are Dreams?

I want to talk to you about dreams. What are they?

Some people believe that they are messages from our own minds, or from a supernatural power. Some people believe they are just nonsense. Some people fall somewhere in between.

Lost of people claim to get inspiration from their dreams. Scientists have said that they dreamed of some crazy idea, and it turned out to be a huge deal.

Einstein’s theory of relativity? Came to him in a dream about cows and an electric fence.

A dream about snakes helped Friedrich August Kekule uncover the molecular structure of benzene, which is used in, like, everything.

The method we use in science today, creatively called, the scientific method, was created by a dream.

But dreams didn’t just help scientists, they also helped inventors.

Sewing machines? Do people still use those? You know what they are, right? The very first one was created by Howe after a violent murder dream.

Art has also been inspired by dreams. A fever dream helped James Cameron create the Terminator movies.

So is there actually something to dreams? Maybe, maybe not. Did some divine spirit whisper in these peoples’ ears while they were asleep, or did they already have the information stored in their minds?

Maybe it’s all coincidence. Maybe they had a weird dream and were able to make something out of it.

What’s the deal with dreams?


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