Who Deserves Respect?

There’s been a lot of talk about respect recently. There are fights between cops and citizens, men and women, and so on between any two group who are somehow different.

We’ve all seen “#blacklivesmatter” over the last several months. And there have been people who changed it to “bluelivesmatter” or “#alllivesmatter” So who is right and who is wrong?

My answer: everyone, and no one. Black lives matter, blue lives matter, red, yellow and purple lives matter. Every life matters. So why are people getting mad when they see “#alllivesmatter”?

They feel that by saying that every life matters, you are somehow taking something away from black lives mattering. I don’t feel this way. Black people are still people. They fall under “all”.

Personally I feel that saying “#blacklivesmatter” we are taking something away from everyone else. We will never end this battle between races by separating black lives from everyone else’s lives. If we want everyone to get along, we can’t have separate things for each race. Even if it is just a hashtag.

That being said, I found this on facebook:

I completely disagree. Women Anyone can wear whatever they want in public and still deserve respect. I don’t care if someone is completely naked, if they aren’t hurting you, they deserve your respect. Until someone is being rude or disrespectful to you, you should show them respect.

Black folks Everyone should be respectful to a police officer everyone by default. Until that person has been rude or disrespectful to you, you need to be respectful in return.

Now, If someone, police or not, has been rude to you, why don’t you just be the bigger person and continue to behave properly toward them. Let the other person be rude and act immature, and walk away (if appropriate) knowing that you are the mature person in the situation.

Now to directly address the police/black people situation. I understand that black people are stereotyped to be criminals. I understand that. But if you are doing nothing wrong, then you can not be arrested. That doesn’t mean you can run from the police, or yell at the police, or hit the police. If you just behave like a mature adult, most of the time you will be treated as such.

If you are guilty of a crime, you probably will be arrested, and if you comply, no violence will be necessary. If you resist, and the officer has to use force, you may get hurt, but it’s your own fault for resisting. Whether or not they use enough force to kill you is often up to you.

I’m not saying that there are no bad cops out there. There certainly are. But there are good ones too. Just like there are some good black people and some bad black people. There are good white people and bad white people. It’s exactly the same. If you don’t like the stereotype that all black people are criminals, then don’t perpetuate the stereotype that all cops are racist and want to kill black people.

All lives do matter. All. Black lives, cop lives, white lives, bystander lives, shop owner lives. EVERYONE’S LIFE MATTERS. When we start to see humans as one group of people, we will start to see a decline in violence between races, religions, ethnicities, genders, etc. But as long as we segregate ourselves, we will remain in a society of inter-group violence.


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One thought on “Who Deserves Respect?

  1. The problem with facebook is; people are not thinking out of the box – they are still attached to their social circles. It is very difficult to change the way people think – even if you want no discrimination at all. Facebook is heavily influenced by the media. The media are one weapon against a world which is growing into a more comfortable self – sustaining one. In terms of respect – we have a long fight to go.
    Please feel free to read my post about Drama – https://artymarty99.wordpress.com/2015/07/29/why-is-life-a-drama/

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