Teal Pumpkins

I’m sure you’ve seen many facebook posts about the Teal Pumpkin Project. If not, then you either don’t have a facebook, or you don’t get on very often. Either way, it’s a fantastic idea!

So here’s the deal. If you have kids, who you plan to take them trick or treating this Halloween, you may see some teal pumpkins. They are being put outside of houses that are offering non-food treats for the little kiddies. Now, most of you parents are probably thinking, why would a kid want something that’s not candy? Isn’t that what Halloween is all about? Well, yes. For kids, it’s all about that sack full of sugary goodness. But don’t worry, these weirdos with their teal pumpkins have a pretty good reason.

Food allergies.

If your kid has food allergies, you know how hard it can be to sort through their Halloween candy and take almost half of it away. They worked so hard for it, and you’re just going to throw most of it away. Well, that’s where the teal pumpkins come in. These houses may still have candy, but they will also have a non-food option like glow sticks, coloring pads, or some other little toy for the kids who can’t have some candies.

This seems like a great idea, right?

Well of course, there are some non-food-allergy people out there who feel their rights are being taken away, and these teal-pumpkin-liberal wack jobs are ruining Halloween. How dare a house give out something other than candy on Halloween?

In response to this amazing project, I’ve heard (read) people saying that kids today are too coddled and no one should have to take responsibility for your kid’s allergies.

To those people I say, no one chooses to have a food allergy. No one gives their children food allergies. And no parent wants to have to tell their child that they can’t have most of the candy they worked so hard to collect because it will probably put them in the hospital. This project is not about babying kids, its about keeping them safe without ruining their Halloween.

By providing a non-food option, you are giving food-allergy kids a way to get goodies that won’t hurt them.

It’s definitely worth your consideration this Halloween!



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