Midterms are Dumb

Having just finished midterms week, I though I’d tell you why the concept of midterm exams is probably the dumbest part of college.

For those of you who don’t know what midterms are, or how they work, I’ll explain. In the middle of the semester, or close to the middle of the semester, there is a week of exams; midterm exams. There’s also finals week, which is also a week of exams, but the two are very different. During midterms week, classes carry on as usual. During finals week, everything stops, and your only responsibility is to go to your exams.

Think about when you were in school, or maybe you’re still in school. Did you ever have two exams that were on the same day, or even in the same week? Wasn’t that annoying? That week, or at least those few days were overly stressful because not only did you have your regularly scheduled obligations, but you also had two tests to study for. I’m getting stressed just typing this.

Now, back to midterms. Who thought it would be a good idea to have a week, just like any other week, but with tests in every class? I’m no expert, but I’m willing to bet that the stress caused by having all of those tests at once isn’t good for the health of the students. Not to mention, by cramming all of those tests into one week, students have less time to study all of the material, and probably get lower grades on the tests because of it.

Seems like a pretty dumb idea to me. But the schools require it. Why? The schools even sponsor programs about dealing with midterm stress. If everyone knows that midterm exams cause extra stress, why do we still do it?

I say we get rid of this ridiculous week. It will save a lot of stress for students, and probably teachers as well. Everyone would be happier without them.



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