Making Money on YouTube

I’ve seen a lot of complaining in the internet recently. Politics and celebrity gossip aside, I’ve seen a lot of complaining about YouTube creators.

For anyone who doesn’t know, there are tons of YouTube creators, referred to as YouTubers, who make money off of their videos. Some of them talk about specific things like make-up, fashion, books, gossip, or politics. Others talk to their viewers like a friend; just casual talking. And these YouTubers have a huge fan base.

I can’t think of a big YouTuber who doesn’t have some sort of merchandise for sale. Some of them have released books and documentaries. Others have tours to meet fans all over the world. YouTubers profit from all of these things.

But recently, I’ve seen a lot of fans complaining that their favorite YouTuber is doing things “just to make a profit off of teenagers.”

  1. I don’t know why this is a surprise.
  2. They aren’t stealing your money, they are earning it.

Most things that people do, they do because there is something for them to gain. Sure, most YouTubers started making videos for fun, and then started selling things for a profit. But when they started, they could have stopped at anytime and no one in the world would have been bothered by it. But now, their fans expect a video every week. And if they miss a week their fans attack them on twitter, tumblr, and whatever other social media platform they use. Things change.

These complaints make it sound like YouTubers are stealing from children. They aren’t. They are working hard to keep their fans happy. So they monetized their channel and now you have to watch an ad before their video. So they are advertising their merch at the end of their video, hoping you will buy it. Why? Because they need an income too. Making, editing, and uploading those videos every week takes a lot of time. I can only imagine how hard it would be to hold a job too.

YouTubers are entertainers. They work hard to give you that five minute video every week. Why shouldn’t they get paid for it? Do you get mad at your favorite band when they sell you a t-shirt at their concert? Or ask that you buy their album, rather than downloading it illegally? No. Because they are entertainers. You have to pay to see their show, or buy something that they produce. YouTubers are the same.

Creating content is time-consuming, and expensive. I think it’s only fair that YouTubers make some money off of their viewers. They work hard to please you, the least you could do is watch an ad before their video. You don’t have to buy their book, or one of their t-shirts. They are trying to sustain their lifestyle, and keep you entertained. Does it really bother you that much that they make some money off of it?



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