Tampering with Timelines

So if you use social media, you’ve probably seen and/or heard about websites like Facebook and Twitter showing you only certain posts. The site uses some sort of algorithm to decide which posts it thinks you want to see, instead of just showing you everything.

It’s been announced that Instagram is going to be doing this as well.

According to polls, most users don’t like this. I’m not sure about others, but I don’t want a computer deciding which of my friends posts are more important than others. According to a Mashable article, Instagram will show you photos with the most likes, and photos from the users that you interact with the most. Other posts may be shown later in your feed.

As someone who doesn’t use Instagram very much, with only a few followers, this means that hardly anyone will see my posts. And for those of you who use it a lot, the photos from your best friend who only posts every now and then? You probably won’t see those photos anymore. Instagram will deem them unimportant because they don’t have as many likes as other people that you follow.

I understand that Instagram is probably trying to get people to use their app more, but honestly, this kind of makes me want to move away from it. When this change does take place, I’ll be getting fewer likes on my photos, and none of my friends will see my photos anyway, so why bother posting them? If I’m just going to be pushed off of people’s feeds by a more popular user, I’ll find somewhere else to spend my time.

Maybe this sounds a little childish. If you won’t pay attention to me, then I don’t like your app. But honestly, Instagram is being a little childish. You don’t post enough so we’ve deemed your photos less significant that this person who posts daily.

All of this reminds me of high school. The posts with the most likes gets the most attention and all of the other posts are scooted out of view and forgotten.

You could also compare it to the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. After all, the photos with more likes will be seen by more users, and the photos with fewer likes just won’t show up any more. How is a less frequent user supposed to get more likes, or more followers if their posts won’t show up anywhere?

Instagram isn’t the first to do this. Facebook has been doing this for years. And Twitter has started doing it more recently. Just yesterday, I had to turn off some new setting on Twitter to stop it from showing me “important” posts firsts.

The people I follow on Twitter and Instagram are all important to me. That’s why I followed them. If I didn’t want to see someone’s posts, I wouldn’t have followed them. Just show me what my friends have posted, in the order that they posted it. I’m tired of missing big news in my friends lives because Facebook decided that the complaint about someone’s boss was more important. I’m tired of missing tour announcements from my favorite bands because Twitter decided that the latest Trump meme was more important.

I followed people because I wanted to see their posts. Let me decide what’s important. If I don’t care about it, I’ll just keep scrolling.



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