Today, one of my favorite authors apologized on facebook. Her next book was set to release today, and it didn’t. It’s not done yet. It was originally set to release in January of 2015, but it didn’t. She also disappeared from the internet for about 8 months.

Today, the day her next book was supposed to come out, she apologized, and something feels wrong about that.

She explained that she felt bad for not keeping her readers up-to-date with the writing and publishing of the new book. I can understand that part. She truly feels bad for not communicating.

She also mentioned that she’d written the book a few times, but wasn’t satisfied with the story. She apologized for that too.

Then she explained the reason that she’d been gone, and hadn’t finished the book. Her personal life. She’d lost her mother and her dog. She hadn’t posted on facebook for twitter because she had nothing to say. And she hadn’t published a book because she had nothing to write.

She, again, apologized.

Now, I understand why she apologized. She feels bad that she left us, her readers, with nothing. She disappeared, without saying anything, and she left us, in the middle of a series, with no second book. I get that. But we all, she, and the readers, have to remember that she is, first and foremost, a person.

Things happen to people. Sometimes, you just can’t write because of something in your personal life that is sucking up all of your emotions. And we all know that you need a specific mood, and plenty of emotion in order to write something, whether it’s a novel or a blog post. Sometimes, you just can’t write.

Everyone knows that I sometimes go months without posting. Do I feel bad? Yes. Do I feel like I’ve let my readers down? Yes.

Now, I won’t claim to have nearly the readership that my favorite author has, but I do have a small following. And I feel somewhat obligated to publish every now and then.

But sometimes, I just don’t have anything to say. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve started a post, one that I feel will be “a good one”, and then find that I have nothing to say. It happens.

When I’m experiencing a lack of emotion for writing, I know that I won’t be able to write anything, so I take a little break. I take some time to work out the other things, to clear some space in my head to write some quality content. Lots of people say they need a mental health day to just relax and take some time for themselves. That’s what I do.

Something just feels wrong when I hear someone apologize for doing the same thing. No matter what your job is, or what you’re doing, you come first. Yourself. If an author doesn’t take care of them self, how can anyone expect a great book?

To everyone, don’t ever feel bad for taking time for yourself. Take that mental health day. Take that vacation. Take that sick day to lay in bed and watch tv. And don’t you dare apologize for it! The only requirement is that you come back better than you were!


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