Daily Prompt: Desert

Do you ever hear a word, and it triggers a memory? And, It’s always the same memory every time you hear that word? And you aren’t even sure how the memory is related to that word?

What about when you hear a word and you remember something that you learned about that word as a child?

The word Desert causes both of these to happen at the same time for me. Why does this happen? It’s so confusing!

When I hear the word desert I picture my elementary school playground. But I don’t actually see the play ground. In the memory, I’m walking from the playground, down the sidewalk, and back to my fourth grade classroom. Why does the word desert make me think of this every time I hear it? I have no freaking idea.

I can also hear someone saying that desert only has one ‘s’ because you only want to go there once, while dessert has two because you always want seconds.

That makes more sense than imagining the playground. But why do they happen together? I’m pretty sure no one would have said that to me on the playground. And if they did, I can’t believe I was paying enough attention for it to still be in my head. After all, the playground is not for learning.

It’s just a weird thing that happens in my brain, I guess. Do other people have this?


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One thought on “Daily Prompt: Desert

  1. True George says:

    maybe the playground was like a desert to you……

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