The Sims 3.5

Long-time followers of my blog will know that I am an avid player of The Sims. I played the original version when I was a tiny little kid and thought it was hard to keep my sim’s happiness in the green. Then I played The Sims 2 when it came out, when I was old enough to know about cheat codes. Motherlode and boolprop testingcheatsenabled true were definite favorites of mine. I most enjoyed making my male sims alien pregnant. That was fun.

Then The Sims 3 came out. Seamless neighborhoods! What a great idea! That was probably the best thing about it. It was my favorite at least. You could have one sim hanging out in the park, another at home making dinner, and another at a neighbor’s house. And you could easily switch between them. It was the greatest thing ever!

Then The Sims 4 came out.

I remember watching all of the trailers, the new create-a-sim with the click-and-drag feature rather than the sliders. I remember seeing the new interactions and emotions. I thought it was going to be the literal greatest thing ever. Boy, was I wrong.

It seemed like they took out tons of gameplay, and design capabilities, to make room for these fancy new emotions. Quite frankly, I find the new emotions pretty annoying. Just taking a shower puts you in the wrong mood for your job. Every little task puts you in some new mood that you didn’t want, but you had to eat, so…

Anyway, the create a sim is great, aside from the inability to make custom colors or change the pattern of the clothes. I really like the create a sim, I just wish there were more ways to customize.

Building a house is nice too. It took me a while to get over the face that the 50×50 lot is as big as it gets now. I really liked building castles on those 64×64 lots. I really liked the different wall heights, and how much easier the roof is to build. The building is pretty good.

But the gameplay! Actually playing the game is awful. It’s nearly impossible to get your sim ready for work without having three different mood changes. AND MY BELOVED SEAMLESS NEIGHBORHOODS ARE GONE. They’ve been replaces by The Sims 2-esque loading screens.

If I could have it my way, I’d combine The Sims 3 and The Sims 4. I’d take the beautiful, wonderful, fabulous seamless neighborhoods, the emotions and interactions, and the color/pattern customization of The Sims 3, and combine it with the click-and-drag create a sim, and the varied wall heights, and other building features of The Sims 4. It’s be the best version of The Sims so far. (The Sims creators: Feel free to contact me to talk about The Sims 5).

Since I don’t create games, and my heavenly version of The Sims isn’t likely to become reality, we are left with what we already have. If you are new to The Sims, I’d definitely recommend getting The Sims 3. I, and most of my friends agree that The Sims 3 is the absolute best out of the four games we have so far. Not to mention, it’s probably pretty cheap by now.

Until a representative from The Sims contacts me about improvements, enjoy whatever version of The Sims you are currently playing! Maybe The Sims 5 will be better.


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