Daily Prompt: Journey (and Pokemon Go)

Today, I planned a journey. Not anywhere I haven’t been, though it may take me there. Okay. We’re going to catch Pokemon. before you judge me for being an adult and playing this game, remember that I grew up with Pokemon. I have a whole binder full of the cards that I collected when I was five. You can’t imagine the number of Squirtles that I have. He was my favorite.

So we planned this journey. And catching Pokemon has to be a journey for us because our house is no where near a road, so Pokemon don’t show up here often. We have to drive into town and walk around. It’s a process. There’s only one problem.

The server is down.

Even after this new update, which was supposed to have tons of bug fixes and solve crash problems, the server still suck.

You might be thinking, why are all these young people so spoiled that they get online and rant about the servers being down. Get over it.

Well, its frustrating to go out on these journeys to wherever, only to have the servers crash. It’s annoying. And what makes it worse is that as soon as you get home to do something productive, the servers work fine.

Many people may think that all of these 20-somethings running around chasing invisible Pokemon are being childish. Keep in mind that Pokemon was a huge part of our childhood. Also keep in mind that we are only in our twenties, but think of how much has changed in the last twenty years. Our short lives have seen the most rapid technological change of any twenty year period to date. There is very little left that resembles our childhoods, and we’re only twenty years old. We’re clinging to Pokemon Go because it;s the first thing we’ve seen that reminds us of our childhood in over a decade.

To the older people reading this, think about when you were twenty. How much did the world still resemble your childhood? Sure, there were differences, but somethings were the same. Maybe you family had the same house phone for your whole life. The way you interacted with other people was largely the same.

Everything is different for us. Nothing is the same as it was 20 years ago. That’s why we are running around like children, chasing Pokemon through the neighborhood.

So today, on the day that we have free time, my brother and I are going on a journey to be the very best. We will travel across the land, searching far and wide, because we know, it’s our destiny.


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One thought on “Daily Prompt: Journey (and Pokemon Go)

  1. sarahbruso says:

    I’m very excited about going on journies too. Finally, we can (kind of) live out the life that was once only possible through a Game Boy.

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