Facebook Friends

Are Facebook friends real friends? I don’t think so. Well, I should say, not necessarily. Are real friends Facebook friends? Usually. But sometimes not.

I remember in middle school, the days of MySpace, looking at other people’s friends lists and thinking wow. They have so many friends. In high school, when I got facebook, I did the same. How did everyone have more friends than me? What was I doing wrong? I had my school friends, camp friends, family friends. Where did everyone else get all of these friends?

The answer was they most of them weren’t actually friends. They were people that they’d met once, if at all. And they’d added each other on Facebook in an attempt to appear to have more friends.

That number on someone’s profile doesn’t show the number of friends that they have. It shows the number of people they’ve added to their Facebook page. We all have that person from high school, who we barely knew then, on our Facebook friends list. Why? Because we knew of them, so we added them.

Should we delete them? I don’t know. Should I be seeing this much about their life when I hardly even remember the sound of their voice because we’ve never actually held a conversation? I don’t know. Is it weird to stay virtually connected to someone who you have no real life connection with?

Why do I find it so hard to delete someone who I hardly even know? I think it’s because deleting someone from your friends list is something that we’ve done when we are mad at someone. I know when I see that I’m not friends with someone who I knew well, and I’m sure we were facebook friends, I start to feel like maybe we weren’t ever friends. Or maybe I did something to offend them. But I’m not mad at these near strangers, so it doesn’t feel right to delete them, even though I know know more about their kids than I ever knew about them.

Facebook friends are weird.


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