Discover Challenge: A Piece of Advice

Always give 110%, that way you’ll never have to regret not trying.

This is a piece of advice from one of my college professors. He was one of the most hated professors on campus, and one of my favorite. Sure, he was a tough grader, but he really wanted to make sure you were learning, and understanding the material, not just make stuff up. I wasn’t uncommon for a straight A student to fail his class. He was tough. It wasn’t even uncommon for student to cheat on the exams and still fail. But if you put in the effort, you could pass.

I won’t say that I was a straight A student, though a did get a 4.0 a few semesters. I’d classify myself as an A/B student. And that’s what I got in his classes. Because I studied.

Anyway, I was waiting in the hall for my next class when he sat down next to me. He started by asking what grade I got on my last test. I believe it was a B. We then talked about grade inflation in other classes and in schools in general. It’s something that happens in just about every classroom. Teachers are passing students because “they tried” or giving them an A for mediocre work because “it was the best grade in the class” and so on.

That was when he told me that if you always do your best work, you’ll feel better in the end. Even if you don’t end up doing as well as you thought, at least you gave it everything you had. If you only give 70 or 80%, and you still fail, you’ll regret not giving more. How much further could that extra 20% have gotten you? You’ll never know, because you didn’t bother putting it in.

Every time I do something, I always give it my best. Even if my best isn’t very much, it’s better than not trying.

Sometimes I forget this, like letting my blog go untouched for weeks at a time, and I feel the consequence. I don’t reach as many readers when I don’t blog. Maybe I could have gotten another hundred views if I had just posted a blog or two. But I’ll never know, because I didn’t do it.

I mostly used this advice to help me study for exams. I could only partially study the material, and take a lower grade on the test. Or, I could study that extra hour, and get a better grade.

I’m not sure if it was this advice, or a more mature outlook on studying, but my grades did improve after I got this advice.

Always give 110%, that way you’ll never have to regret not trying.


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