More Things You’re Probably Saying Wrong

Lots of people speak English everyday, but most people don’t actually know what they’re saying. Mostly, they’re just mimicking what they heard someone else say. Here are some commonly mis-heard words and phrases that aren’t actually what you think they are!

Intensive Purposes

What are intensive purposes? I have no idea. What you meant to say was intents and purposes, which means in all cases, or for every reason. If you say intensive purposes, people probably won’t take you too seriously.

Minus Well

Please think about what you are saying before you say it. This makes no sense at all. What you mean is might as well, which is used when saying “oh, why the hell not?”. Minus well doesn’t make sense. Please make sure that things make sense before you say them.

Could of

This one is a mis-hearing of a contraction. It’s actually could’ve, or could have. For example, “You could’ve made dinner.” In this example, you could of made dinner doesn’t make any sense, but you could have made dinner, does.


I think the overall lesson here is listen to what you are saying. If it doesn’t make sense, you’re probably saying it wrong.


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