What If It Were You

The Westboro Baptist Church has taken over the American government. We now live in a country run by extremists claiming to represent Christianity. They have announced that all military personnel, lgbt community members, or a believer in any other religious system, your home will be burnt down, and your entire family will be murdered while you watch.

So you start to think about your options. You don’t want to join them. It’s not what you believe in. If you stay, you’ll likely be killed. You could flee; become a refugee; seek shelter in a safer country. So you pack up your family, maybe take some extra clothes, your grandmother’s ring, but most importantly, you want to keep your family safe.

Maybe you decide to head to Canada; it’s the closest boarder. Unfortunately, when you get there, and they see you are an American, they turn you down. The reason given? You’re from America, a country that has been taken over by religious extremists, who have threatened terrorism. There’s a small chance you might be one of them trying to infiltrate Canada, and kill all of their citizens.

So, instead of risking the journey back across America for Mexico, you head to the airport. As you pull up, you see other innocent Americans running frantically, screaming at you to run also. The Westboro Baptist Church has taken over the airports. If you enter, attempting to leave the country, you’ll be shot. You can’t leave through this airport.

Before you can get to the next airport, you hear that all of the airports have been bombed by the extremists. So ,you head to the coast. Maybe you can catch a boat. across the Atlantic.

When you arrive, you see extremists shooting the innocents who tried to leave via boat. That option is out. So you drive up the coast. You get to a small town and find a sketchy looking guy offering to take people on his fishing boat across the ocean. It seems risky. You’re not sure that his boat will make it. You’re not even sure that you should trust this man; what if he’s an extremist in disguise? But you don’t see any other way. So you board this boat with your family, and a bunch of other refugees.

Somehow, you make it out alive, and safe from the terrorists. All you have to do now is make it to Europe. Surely they’ll take you.

After long hot days on a boat in the middle of the ocean, sure that your lost, and absolutely positive that a few of the people you set sail with have died, you make it to the coast of England. You’re hungry, tired, and smell awful. Your family is just as miserable as you are. You’re stopped as you disembark. You’re all asked for identification, and proof of citizenship. You explain that you are all refugees from America, seeking a safe place to stay.

You are sent away. You are from America, where the leadership is religious extremists. You could be one of them, coming to kill all of the English citizens.

Where do you go now? Maybe France will let you in. You aren’t sure, but it’s worth a shot. So you sail, with you family and all of the other refugees, who you’ve come to know as innocent refugees like yourself, across the English Channel to France.

When you arrive, you are sent away; you could be a terrorist.

Where do you go? No one will let you in. You’re American. Your leadership has failed, and allowed terrorists to take over. And you’re taking the blame. You’re being turned down because everyone is afraid that you may be one of them.

In your travels, you come across other groups of refugees, like yours, who somehow managed to escape, but won’t be taken in by any other country. You’re all scared. You’ve lost everything that you once loved. You’ve lost a place to feel safe from the dangers of the outside world. You have nothing but your family. And all you want is a place where you can go to sleep, and know that you’ll wake up the next morning.

But you can’t have that because there’s a small chance that you may be a terrorist, and Canada, England, and France don’t have anyway to make sure you’re not, so they won’t have you.

You have no home. You have no country. You have nothing, and no one will help you.


For my Daily Blogging Challenge!

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One thought on “What If It Were You

  1. […] they fear letting the refugees into their country would put their citizens in danger. As I said a few days ago, people are afraid that refugees might be terrorists in […]

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