The Broken Clock

I’d like to think about the phrase The broken clock is right twice a day. We all know that the hands of a broken clock stay just where they were when the battery died, or whatever happened that caused it to stop working. But at that time, every day, the clock is right again. Does it stop being broken for that minute?

Right now, one of my many clocks is stuck at 12:34. For two minutes, 12:34 am and 12:34 pm, out of the 1,440 minutes in a day, my beloved clock displays the correct time. It does what it is meant to do. So, for those two minutes, my clock is working just fine. For the other 1,438 minutes, it is broken.

Or maybe it’s not broken at all. Maybe it is sending me a message. 12:34 has been my favorite time since the fourth grade. Why? Because of a riddle. My teacher was feeding us brain teasers, who ever figured it out first, got a piece of candy. That was enough motivation for nine-year-olds to rack their brains for an answer.

The riddle: Something peculiar happened at 12:34. What was it?
Answer: See the comments!

It seems a bit peculiar that the clock would stop working at the exact time that has always been my favorite!

Anyway, a broken clock is only broken if you’re judging it by it’s ability to keep time. Sure, that’s the usual use of a clock, but how many people have an old grandfather clock that doesn’t keep time? It’s a decoration, or maybe a reminder of a lost relative. It’s serving it’s purpose, without keeping time.


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One thought on “The Broken Clock

  1. The answer to the Riddle is consecutive numbers. 12:34 ->1,2,3,4

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