Stress of the Wealthy

What do wealthy people actually stress about? They seem to have everything, so why should they stress?

It’s important to remember not to view the wealthy, whether it’s the 1% or just someone who has more than you, as other. They are not other. They are still people, just like you and me, with feelings, and ambitions. Even though many people find it hard to relate to them, they are still people, just like us.

Now, I’m not going to get political here. I don’t do politics, because, frankly, I’m not at all qualified to talk politics. But mostly because I don’t like getting political if I can avoid it.

If you ask the majority of adults in America, they’ll tell you that money is a big stressor in their lives. After that, it’s probably health. So we know what most people stress about, but what about rich people? We hear all kinds of stories about celebrities, and otherwise rich people struggling with stress, depression, anxiety, etc. But they have money. And they can afford top quality healthcare. What do they stress about?

I’m not going to tell you because I’m wondering too. It seems to us like they have all they need to live a stress free life. But they don’t.

That tells me that even if we got enough money to pay our bills and afford out medications, and take a nice vacation, the stress wouldn’t go away. A new stressor would take the place of money.

Maybe we should all take this moment to think about that. No matter what you have, it seems to be that stress, depression, and anxiety never go away.

It’s a little discouraging, actually. It seems like we all work so hard to make enough money so that we won’t stress about it anymore. But now we know that something else will just take it’s place.

It’s a bit gloomy outside today. Maybe that’s why this post never turned around to bring you a big old happy ending. But not everything has a happy ending.

I don’t mean to be so depressing. I hope you find a cute cat video on YouTube to cheer you up!


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