Blood and Refugee Crisis

As many people know, there is a refugee crisis right now. Lots of refugees that no one wants to help. You may also know that the Red Cross has asked for blood donations, as their blood supply is critically low. Though you may not think so, these two crises have something in common.

Fear. They are both caused by fear.

Governments have openly stated that they fear letting the refugees into their country would put their citizens in danger. As I said a few days ago, people are afraid that refugees might be terrorists in disguise.

Part of the blood shortage is caused by the fact that many people are ineligible to donate. The Red Cross turns down healthy blood all the time. Why? Fear.

Gay men are not allowed to donate blood because one of them could have HIV/AIDS.

Do you see the pattern?

Anyone can have HIV/AIDS. Actually, straight women are more likely to have it than gay men. Also, anyone can be a terrorist. How often do we hear of domestic terrorism? How many mass shootings are committed by white people? It’s all fear.

If anyone can have HIV/AIDS, why don’t we just take all donations, and test the blood? Here’s a secret. The FDA knows that anyone can have it, so they do test all the blood. It’s an excuse. It’s homophobia. It’s fear.

If anyone can be a terrorist, why don’t we help the people who need it?

But we don’t. We’re too scared. We have these ideas in our heads of who terrorists are, and who has HIV/AIDS, and it prevents us from helping the people who need it the most.

That being said, the Red Cross is desperately in need of blood. If you are eligible, please consider donating. I believe they are offering a reward.


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