Bathrooms: Your Argument is Invalid

The bathroom argument, though not covered as much in the media, is still going strong. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, the question is whether or not transgender individuals should be allowed to use whichever (public) bathroom they identify with. There are meany arguments for and against, but some don’t make any sense.

Let me lay out the typical public bathroom for you. Please note that I am excluding single toilet bathrooms because most of those are family or unisex bathrooms anyway. So, you walk into the bathroom and there are a bunch of sinks. While you are standing at your sink, you can see all of the others, but that’s okay because you’re just washing your hands, maybe checking your hair, but nothing too private. Then you have a bunch of toilets, all divided by walls. While you’re using your toilet, you can’t see the other toilets because there is a wall in the way. Now, if you peek through the little crack between the walls, you might be able to see a little bit into another stall, but that’s creepy. Don’t do that.

So, now that we know what public bathrooms are like, we can discuss who can use which one. For the sake of simplicity, I’m going to talk about trans women using the women’s room. Also, because I’m a lady, and I know what goes on in there.

Usually, when I go into the bathroom, I go into an open stall, shut and lock the door, and do my business. Then, I exit the stall, and walk to the sink, where I will wash my hands. Then I leave. I assume, it’s pretty similar to what most people do in public bathrooms.

But what do transgender people do in the bathroom? Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Every transgender person I have knowingly used the bathroom with, did the same exact thing that I did. They did their business, washed their hands, and exited the bathroom. It’s pretty crazy.

Now, on to the argument. First, let’s talk about why transgender individuals should be allowed to use the bathroom of the gender that they identify with.

Imagine you’re dressed like a woman, whether you have a penis, a vagina, or something else. You’re out at a restaurant, having a nice time. But you have to use the men’s room, for whatever reason. So you go into the men’s bathroom, in you heels, dress, and makeup. Everyone stares. You look like a lady, so why aren’t you in the ladies room? Because you could get arrested for using the ladies room.

Now, in the men’s room, people are starting to figure it out. You’re transgender.

I’ll skip the gory details, but in the end, you didn’t get to go to the bathroom; instead, you got harassed, or even beat up.

Now, what are the arguments against letting transgender individuals use the bathroom of their choice?

1. They could be a sex offender.

Okay. That’s just… Alright. If someone wanted to commit a sex offense in the bathroom, they would go into the bathroom regardless of the law. They clearly don’t care about the law anyway. A man, who wans to hurt a woman is not going to dress up like a lady, and identify as transgender to get into the ladies room. He’s just going to go in. Creating a law isn’t going to stop him. It already hasn’t. Sexual offenses aren’t legal, but he’s going to do it anyway.

2. I don’t want a man in the ladies room. What if he looks at me while I pee?

Again. Transgender people are not sex offenders. If a man wants to look at you pee, he’s not going to pretend to be transgender. He’s just going to do it.

3. How will I explain it to my daughter why there’s a man in the ladies room?

You probably won’t have to. Most transgender people who use the bathroom that they identify with look like that gender. Chances are, you won’t even know that they are transgender. If they are not completely passing as that gender, and your child asks, you would tell them that it’s rude to tell someone that they look like a specific gender. You could also tell them that people look and dress all kinds of ways, It’s called expressing themselves, and we are respectful to others, and don’t make fun of them for it. Teach your child acceptance instead of fear and hatred.

To be quite honest, the response to most arguments on the topic is that you probably won’t know that someone is transgender unless you are a sex offender, and look at them while they pee. Actually, you probably pee right next to transgender people already. You just don’t know because you respect their privacy.

Just don’t worry about what’s in someone else’s pants and we won’t have a problem.


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