Full Moon Challenge: December 17, 2013

Cold Moon, Long Nights Moon. December 17, 2013, 4:28 am.

DSCN3159Sorry it’s blurry, It was cold and cloudy.

Well, here it is, finally. Sorry its late, the holidays messed everything up, and i totally forgot about it. But that’s okay because I didn’t forget any of the other ones, I was just late.

Unfortunately, I failed both of my goals for this month. I told myself that I would mostly catch up on photo challenges, and that I would post this one on time. Well, you know what, I had finals and snow storms, and holidays, and family, and old friends. Sorry. Not that you are offended or anything. Unless you are, in which case, I’m sorry.

Since the last full moon, I finished my third semester of college, with straight A’s (4.0 GPA, what?). That is not the first time I have had straight A’s, but it is the first time in college. Other than that, I have spent time with family and friends and enjoyed my break.

Since there are no more full moons in 2013 (and it’s now 2014 because I cant keep my shit together), I will not be setting another short term goal. Instead, I will be setting a long term goal for 2014. My goal is to have another semester, or two, of mostly A’s. I don’t want to set a goal of Straight A’s because I have significantly more classes this coming semester, and I don’t know what fall semester will hold.



Full Moon Challenge: November 17, 2013

Beaver Moon, Mourning Moon. November 17, 2013, 10:16 am.


okay, so I’m a little behind… what? 15 days behind isn’t that much… half a month? You mean I’m already half way to the next, and last full moon of the year? oh.. sorry.

So on the last full moon I set a goal of being mostly done with my papers. Well guess what? I did that. I also finished all of my homework for the rest of the semester. That’s why i didn’t post this after the full moon. Then I decided to actually relax on my thanksgiving break and actually not do a single thing. Sorry.

Since the last full moon, like I already said, I finished my all of my school work, and probably some other things… nothing really impressive… To be honest, after taking a week to do absolutely nothing, I don’t remember much of what I did do before that. Let’s see, we had Halloween, I organized, put together, and acted in a haunted house. That was fun. Yea, that’s really all I can remember.

The December full moon falls about a week after finals week, then I will be done with school for the year! Yay! Well, my goal is going to be to catch up on my photo challenges. I might not be able to do all of them by the next full moon, considering I’m already 12 behind.. Plus the two that will come out between now and the next full moon. And I’ll also set a goal of actually posting the next post within a few days of the moon.

Have a nice 15 days!


Full Moon Challenge: October 18, 2013

Blood Moon, Hunter’s Moon. October 18, 2013, 7:38 pm.


On the last full moon, i set a goal to blog more often. And I think this is actually the first goal that I didn’t achieve this year. I think we can allow one to slide… no?

I have been super busy with school this past month. I just feel like I don’t have time for anything. Every time I do make time for fun, I get more stressed out because I have to squeeze doing homework into the day before or after my ‘fun day.’ I can’t wait for Thanksgiving break so I can de-stress.

I know at this point I’m almost half way into the next moon cycle but you know what? Deal. The next full moon is still a few weeks away and my final projects for the semester are due just after it. My goal for the next moon will be to work on all of my projects and be almost done by the next full moon.


Full Moon Challenge: September 19, 2013

Harvest Moon. September 19, 2013. 7:13 am.

On the last full moon I set a goal of starting of the school year well. I have done so! I have gotten A’s on all of my tests so far. Unfortunately, I haven’t blogged at all since the last full moon. But, grades are more important. Sorry.

Since the last full moon, well, I started school! Not too much has happened yet. I got to see the moon through a telescope a little while ago. That was cool. Although I think the coolest part was being on the roof of the library. That was awesome. Anywho, not much else is going on. I will be in my dorm’s haunted house on Halloween. That’s fun. Also, All of my TV shows have come back on. The Voice, Bones, and a new series which I wan watching, Sleepy Hollow. The only problem is: they all come on Monday nights during my night class. So, Tuesday is my TV (and blogging) day.

For the next full moon my goal is to blog more often. I know I have done this before but sh. I want to blog at least once a week. It will most likely be on Tuesdays because that is my free day. We’ll see how this goes!


Full Moon Challenge: August 20, 2013

Sturgeon Moon, Corn Moon. August 20, 2013, 9:45 pm.

DSCN3116 DSCN3120

On July’s full moon, i set the goal of enjoying the rest of my summer. I think I pretty much handled that. My vacation was very enjoyable, although we all came home sick. But that’s alright! We had a good time!

Since the last moon, well, I went on vacation. That was fun. However, during vacation I ruined my 70 something day steak in Italian. Oh well, I decided a break would probably be a good idea, so I took some time off of that. I have started again though. We also got our new phones a few days ago. Its a cool new toy. I’ve also started packing for school. I move in on Sunday, so all I’ve been doing is packing for the last few days.  Fun Stuff.

For the Next full moon, my goal is going to be to start the new school year well. I’ll have four classes: Astronomy, art, sociology of the family, and sociology of religion. Should be a good year!


Full Moon Challenge: July 22, 2013

Blessing Moon, Thunder Moon. July 22, 2013, 2:16 pm.


Thunder Moon. What a perfect name…

If you have been following this challenge, you’ll notice that there doesn’t seem to be a cloud in the sky during the last six full moons. Well, fo this thunder moon, what kind of weather did we get? A thunderstorm. I had to stay up waaaay passed my bedtime to get a clear picture of the moon. Those foggy, unclear pictures just aren’t enough for my fabulous readers!

On June’s full moon, I set a goal to complete whatever challenge I decided to do for July. Well, aside from forgetting that it was July for the first few days, I’ve kept up with it! I’ve even had two posts in a day a couple times, like today. Although July isn’t over, so far so good! I am leaving next Monday for a two week vacation, I haven’t decided if I am going to queue the last two posts or just hope that I will have time and internet to post them manually. We will see. But I do plan to blog at least a few times during my vacation.

Since the last full  moon, I have continued with my Italian lessons. I will have a 65 day streak after my lesson today! I haven’t been able to visit my great aunt very much since we found out that our dog has mange. We were told that we can’t get the mange from our dog, but we can carry it and infect other dogs. Since my great aunt has a dog, we’ve kept our distance. We are all looking forward to our cruise. We’ve even added a few extra days to spend at Disney World! My favorite place! I can’t wait to see the new addition to fantasyland in Magic Kingdom, and Harry Potter world at Universal!We have also been looking at phones. We’re finally joining the 21st century and getting smartphones. I will no longer be the only one in my group of friends without a smartphone! How exciting!

The next full moon falls just under a week before I move back to school and start classes. As of yesterday, I have ordered and received all of my textbooks for the semester! My goal will be to enjoy my vacation and the last month of summer. It went by so quickly. I feel like a just got home! But I am looking forward to seeing my friends.



Full Moon Challenge: June 23, 2013

Strawberry Moon, Rose Moon. June 23, 2013, 7:32 AM.


This moon also happened to be the Super moon. Of course, everyone was obsessing over it this year, as if it would be noticeably larger. I believe next year’s Super Moon is in August.

On May’s full moon, I set a goal of getting back into a blogging routine, again. I think I actually did get into some sort of routine. I’ve definitely posted more frequently.

Since the last Full moon, I’ve been working a lot on my Italian lessons. Right now, I’m on a 37 day streak, which will be 38 after I practice today. Last week, My great Aunt moved out of the nursing home and back home with her daughter. She still needs a lot of help with everyday things but she is doing much better. My family has planned a cruise for the first few weeks of August. I’ve also thought about a challenge to do for the month of July (suggestions welcome!).

For next month, my goal will be to complete whatever challenge I decide to do. I didn’t have a problem with it last year but considering my slow down in blogging, we will have to see…


Full Moon Challenge: May 25, 2013



Flower Moon. May 25, 2013, 12:25 am.


On the last full moon, I set the goal of getting back into the blogging routine. I didn’t exactly do that, but I am caught up on photo challenges and I have some ideas for new posts. hopefully but he next full moon, I will have more than photo challenges to share with you!

Since the last full moon, I’ve done a little more than sleep in. While at the ocean last weekend, I got back together with a childhood friend who had been going through a pretty rough time. She made some decisions that she now realizes were  not the best. However, she told me that she’s ready to turn her life around, get her GED and make her way into cosmetology. Also, In the beginning of May, My great Aunt had a stroke and has been recovering in the hospital ever since. We’ve visited her every couple of days. She seems to be doing better. She has regained feeling in her right side and struggling less and less with communicating. On a happier, blog-related note, in just under a year of blogging, I’ve reached 100 followers. It may not seem like much to many of you who have a lot more followers, but considering my serious lack of blogging during the school year, its a lot to me. And I love and appreciate every single one of my followers.

For the next full moon, I will try, again, to get back into blogging regularly. Hopefully it will happen this time.


Full Moon Challenge: April 25, 2013


Pink Moon, Wind Moon. April 25, 2013, 3:57 pm.


On the last full moon, I set the goal of passing all of my final exams. While I don’t know my grades on my final exams, I do know that I passed all of my classes. I even did better than I expected in my Sociology class. The professor in that class was known to be the most difficult on campus. He had a pretty bad reputation. But I really liked him. And I learned a lot from him too!

Since the last full moon, I’ve continued learning Italian. Its going pretty well. I’ve also gotten a few new E-pals. I’ve moved back home for the summer. Not too much else has happened since the last full moon honestly. Most of the time was used for studying for finals and packing to move out.

For the next full moon, my goal is to get back into the blogging routine. Now that I’m out of school, I have more time to blog. The next full moon also happens to be about a week and a half before my one year anniversary of starting this blog, so I hope to be back to blogging like I did when I started it.


Full Moon Challenge: March 27, 2013

Worm moon, Storm moon. March 27, 2013, 5:27 AM.


At the last full moon, I made a goal to get back into a routine of working out. I did. It wasn’t the same routine that I had with my friends before, but its a routine.

Since the last full moon, I’ve started learning Italian, which is pretty fun, and not as difficult as I thought. I’ve only learned basic words so far so I’m no where near capable of having a conversation. Yet.

I’ve also signed up to participate in relay for life. If you don’t know what that is, its basically a way to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Doing things to help others is a great way to show that you care. Donating your time and money can really help people. If you don’t have time, just sending a money donation to places like the American Cancer Society can make a great difference. And for people like me, who have no money, can always donate time. Volunteer somewhere near you. It will make you and others around you feel good. And its really not that hard.

Also, since the last full moon. Television shows have started coming back on. We all know that I watch The Voice religiously. That premiered earlier this week. You may or may not be seeing posts about that in the future.

Also, History channel has started it’s first scripted show. It’s called Vikings, and follows Ragnar as he travels west, against his instruction not to. It’s actually very interesting. And the Norse Mythology, while not very well explained (at least not thus far), is pretty accurate.

Since the next full moon falls the day after my last final exam, my goal is to pass all of my classes. Its not too difficult of a goal,  but that’s what I’m going to be focusing on for the next several weeks.