One Word Photo Challenge: Child

I’d like to start by saying that I am 21 years old. I have never given birth, though many women my age have. But I do have a child. I adopted one. Four, actually. And they are all my children.

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One Word Photo Challenge: Chameleon

When we think of Chameleons, obviously, we all think of the lizard who can change color to blend in with their environment. Not surprisingly, the only other definition refers to people who change their opinions to suit those around them.

So, for this challenge, which I haven’t participated in for a while, I have this photo of a tiny fluff ball blending in to it’s environment.

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One Word Photo Challenge: Snow

Here is a photo I’ve posted a few times. It’s from an early snow storm a few years ago. I think the contrast in seasons portrayed is quite interesting.

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One Word Photo Challenge: Foggy

Foggy is very similar to humid in my mind. It took some planning ahead to choose photos that represented each accurately. Here is my contribution to this week’s challenge.

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One Word Photo Challenge: Humid

As an east coast native, humidity is something that I’ve always just accepted as part of warm weather. It wasn’t until I travelled to the west coast that I experienced how pleasant warm weather actually can be. This photo represents typical spring and summer mornings on the east coast.

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One Word Photo Challenge: Tornado

When I first read through the list of challenges, I had no idea what I was going to do for this week’s. A tornado? I live in the mountains. We don’t get tornadoes. How would I ever complete this challenge?

Okay enough of the dramatics.

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One Word Photo Challenge: Flood

Flooding has been a pretty big problem for a lot of people this summer. It’s been pretty rainy.

This photo is from a few years ago after a big rain storm. The ground was so saturated with water that this little puddle was left.

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One Word Photo Challenge: Sandstorm

When I think of sandstorms, I think of Ancient Egypt. I know there are sandstorms all over the globe, all the time, but that’s what I think of.

Here is a picture of “sandstorm” written in Elder Futhark, an ancient runic alphabet, which was derived from the hieroglyphics of Ancient Egypt.


Fun fact: The Egyptian God of sandstorms was Set, or Seth. He was also the god of chaos, disorder, violence, and storms in general.


For the One Word Photo Challenge

Part of the Daily Blogging Challenge July 2015

One Word Photo Challenge: Tsunami

When I think of a tsunami, I think of a giant wall of water causing loads of destruction. Well, since I don’t have a picture of a tsunami, and I don’t think I ever will, I give you, stalactites!


Sorry it’s a little blurry. I was in a dark cave with no tripod.

Anyway, stalactites are formed by the minerals in water that drips from the ceiling. In other words, its a wall made by water, which is close enough.


For the One Word Photo Challenge

One Word Photo Challenge: Hurricane

Hurricanes are funny. Not in the damage they do, that’s not funny at all. But they are so predictable, but also not very predictable.

Hurricanes can be spotted and tracked weeks before they will even make contact with land. We know they’re coming, and we know when they will be here. But sometimes they don’t make it. Sometimes they are a lot weaker, and do much less damage than we thought. Other times, they are stronger, and destroy entire towns. We can predict their arrival, but not exactly what the result of their presence will be.

This is kind of the opposite of most natural disasters. Tornadoes can’t really be predicted, although we can be aware of the ideal conditions for their arrival. But we do know what the result of a tornado will be. Utter destruction. Earthquakes can’t be predicted yet, but we do have a few possible results of earthquakes: mountains, gaping holes in the ground, pretty much destruction of some degree.

Okay, enough of that. Here is my photo for this week’s challenge.


If you look, the lower porch of this apartment building is missing a post (which you can see on the ground), and two sections of railing. This damage was caused by hurricane Sandy.

Hurricanes are interesting creatures. What they decide to destroy, and what they leave is really fascinating.


For the One Word Photo Challenge