Beyoncé Terrifies Me

The concept of celebrity is one with which we are all familiar. I think we can all agree that a celebrity is a person who is in the spotlight, a name that everyone knows, someone who is popular and talked about often. Worst of all, a celebrity is someone who is idolized by millions.

If you happen to know me irl, you’ll know that I am firmly against the concept of celebrity, and more so, idolization of people, especially those who are still living. It’s not that I don’t think people should be recognized for their art, they should. It’s really the idolization that gets to me.

The title of this posts wasn’t just click-bait. Beyoncé does actually terrify me, but it’s not the person I’m afraid of, it’s what her name represents.

Unless you literally live under a rock, you know who Beyoncé is, and you probably know at least one person who is a massive fan. That’s what scares me. Not that she has such a large fan base, but that enough people consider themselves to be massive fans that I can comfortably say that anyone who reads this knows at least one of them.

The problem that I see in the Beyoncé fandom is that the word flawless is thrown around casually. If you ask anyone to choose one adjective to describe Beyoncé, they will likely say flawless, or some variant. That is the problem. No one is flawless, not even Queen Bey. Many massive Beyoncé fans are flipping tables right now. Please don’t break anything. Back on topic, it is dangerous to view a person as flawless, to you and to that person. You are putting this unachievable label on someone, and when they can’t reach it, what do you think that does to them? When your parents expected you to get a certain grade, and no matter how hard you tried, you just couldn’t, how did you feel?

Now, I don’t know Beyoncé personally, but I’m willing to bet that she feels a little extra pressure to be perfect. She probably tries a little harder to be perfect every time she leaves her house, just in case someone snaps a photo. That’s got to be stressful.

It doesn’t just happen to Beyoncé. It happens to just about every celebrity. When you idolize a celebrity, or really any person, you are viewing them as perfect, or something to strive to be. That puts extra pressure on them to be what you see them as. But usually, they aren’t that.

Think of any celebrity you like. You probably see them as confident, in control, happy, and overall comfortable. But that’s usually not the case. Many celebrities have started to come out and say that they suffer from depression, anxiety, or some other similar condition. In fact, some celebrities say that they have their stage personality, where they pretend to be happy and confident, and they have their real personality that only comes out when they are off camera. They live a sort of double life. In fact, many people, celebrity or not, do the same thing to hide depression. Ask them, they’ll tell you, it’s exhausting. Imagine having to do it all the time, and fearing that some paparazzi will catch your real personality coming out.

It works the same with celebrity relationships. Many people “ship” two celebrities together, or fall in love with a celebrity relationship that appears to be the ideal relationship. This is also unhealthy for all parties. Any relationship, celebrity or not, has ups and downs, requires a lot of work, and is never, never, perfect.

When people idolize relationships, it puts extra stress on the relationship. It causes the people in the relationship to feel like everything has to be perfect. It could make someone afraid to fix something they are unhappy with because everyone tells them that everything is perfect.

Truthfully, celebrities are people. They get anxious and depressed, they fight with their partners, they have bad days, they aren’t perfect. Don’t put unreachable expectations on people, no matter who they are. Just appreciate Beyoncé’s work, say she’s super talented, and move on. Don’t idolize her (or anyone else), you don’t know what’s really going on in her life. Just remember that celebrities are still just people.


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