Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow

I never thought I’d have a use for this photo, other thank looking at it for fun. But it seems to fit perfectly with the prompt; narrow. This is a pretty narrow fire on the beach. It was taken in the Bahamas a few years ago.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape (May 17)


Who doesn’t love the beach? Even in May, when the water is too cold, and most of the “beachy” shops aren’t open yet, its still nice.

For anyone who was wondering, that’s why these two photo challenges are late. Not to mention we’ve been losing power this week with all the storms that are coming through. It’s only been thunderstorms for me, but for those in Oklahoma, they had it much worse. I hope that everyone will remember them and do what they can to help.

Anyway, this challenge was perfectly timed since I happened to be at the beach while the challenge was announced. Unfortunately, this was the first chance I got to upload these two challenge. However, since the new challenge has not been announced yet, this is not technically late. Right?