Get Out of the Left Lane!

This is for anyone who drives, or who may drive in the future. It’s not specific to frequent or infrequent drivers. If you drive at all, this is for you. The only exclusions are people who do not live in America, and will never drive in America.

Let’s talk about the rules of the road. There are laws, which vary by state, but as you’re expected to know those before you get your license, I’ll skip most of them. The most important ones are: red means stop and green means go, we drive on the right, and never cross a double yellow line. While those are important, I would like to talk to you about highway lanes.

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Daily Prompt: Well, I Never…

Tell us about something you’ve done that you would advise a friend never to do.

Procrastinate. To be more specific, procrastinate big things. To put off doing the dishes is one thing, but when it come to things that take a lot of work, planning, or scheduling, don’t put it off.

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Appreciate the Little Things [Part 8]

I realize that when I started this ‘series’ I posted like three in one month, and after that they became incredibly spread out. I hope to post a few of these this summer to get back on track. I have a long(ish) list of these little nuggets of rant lined up and waiting to go. I’m going to continue to post five at a time as that has given a pretty good amount in the past.

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Let’s get started!


  • Automated Phone Service/Customer Support. This is terrible. How many times have you called your phone company, or your credit card company, or whoever, and had to sit through their customer service message pushing buttons for an hour. Press 1 for this, press 2 for that, press 3 for this other irrelevant thing. You sit through all of these instructions only to find that your problem wasn’t mentioned. So what do you do now? press the button that corresponds to the closest thing and see if you can get somewhere in the next set of instructions? What a pain.
  • The “0” Option. Some of those customer service messages give you the option to press 0 and talk to a person if you none of the options help with your problem. However, more and more of those annoying recorded messages are getting rid of that option. You will be forced to push thousands of buttons, to no avail. As companies are dropping this option, they are adding the ability to say a keyword having to do with your problem. That seems nice, you can just say what your problem is. That’s all good if you don’t mind repeating yourself fifty times.
  • Noisy Eaters. You all know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, you’re probably the problem. Anyway, nothing bother’s me more about eating with other people, than having to listen to them smack their lips or chew loudly. Seriously, all of that noise can be silenced if you just keep your mouth closed while you chew. It’s not even difficult to do. I don;t really want to listen to you eat. It sounds disgusting and it’s quite annoying if there is conversation going on. Didn’t your parents ever teach you to chew with your mouth closed?
  • Talking Obnoxiously Loud on the Phone. Don’t do it. Just stop. If your phone rings while you’re in the grocery store, stop and think, “Do I really need to answer this right now?” Here’s a hint: The answer isn’t always ‘yes’. If it’s someone you live with, they might be asking you to get something for them. You can answer that. If it’s your boss, you should probably answer that as well. A repair man, a mechanic, someone you are doing business with, that’s all fine, answer it. But your bff who is just calling to talk, yeah, that can wait. So, if you decided you better answer this phone call in the grocery store, you don’t need to shout. You can talk quietly. Remember in grade school when the teacher always said to use your inside voice? Yeah, that still applies. Also, when appropriate, ask if it’s okay if you call them when you get home. But most importantly, BE QUIET.
  • Slow Drivers in the Fast Lane. I understand there is a speed limit and you would like to follow it, but get out of the way. Yes, I am one of those drivers who hates being stuck behind someone. I wouldn’t call myself an aggressive driver, but I do yell at other cars a lot. Anyway, If you want to drive the speed limit, or slower, stay to the right please. Some people like to cruise around 70, or 75 mph. If you are going 50 mph, you don’t understand how frustrating you are. There are multiple lanes on the highway, and one of them is called the slow lane. That’s where you belong. I don’t really mind if you want to go the speed limit in the fast lane, but if you see someone coming up behind you, get out of the way and let them pass you. For all you know, they are in a hurry and you are making them very angry. Also remember that fast drivers are not necessarily dangerous drivers.


Okay, that’s enough for now!  Have a great day!


Appreciate the Little Things [Part 3]

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Lets get started!

  • Itchy clothing tags. Ugh! Why do they still put that stupid tag with the brand name on the back of the neck? Seriously? Use that iron on stuff or whatever! I thought I was finished with itchy tags when I saw those… 10 years ago! Get your shit together!<p align=”right”><!–more–></p>
  • Has this happened to anyone else? You’re watching TV, and you’re really into the conversation or it’s a really vital conversation between characters, and someone else walks in the room while having  conversation with someone and they decided to scream to the person standing two feet away from them. Then you try to hint to them that you can’t hear the TV, by turning it up a few clicks. Yet these lovely people are completely oblivious. Go have your screaming match in a different fudging room!
  • People who drive with their hazards on in the rain. Are you moving? Have you pulled over? Are you hitting the breaks? What are you doing, fool? If you are moving, your hazards shouldn’t be on, people. Unless you are unable to drive the speed limit, turn those shits off. It just makes it more confusing for the people behind you.
  • Smart Cars. What is this contraption? That thing looks more dangerous than a “stupid” car. If you take a turn too fast, you’re going to roll over! If someone t-bones you, you’re most likely dead. Have you ever seen a big guy in a smart car? It looks like Mr. Incredible. Please, buy a normal car. Some times, geniuses can be dangerous.
  • Pot and Cigarettes. One is legal, the other is not. One is harmful to the user and everyone around them, the other is not. One smells horrible, well, they both smell awful. I think you know where I am going with this. Cigarettes cause cancer, weed, as far as we know, does not. We may not know for sure that weed is not cancer causing, but we do know that cigarettes are. Yet cigarettes are legal and marijuana isn’t. I’m not one of those teenage potheads that wants pot to be legal; I can’t stand the stench of pot, nor will I waste my money on it. However, lots of people will waste their money so, why not legalize it and tax the shit out of it? Has anyone ever been walking into a nice restaurant for dinner and had to walk though clouds of cigarette smoke? I have and I hate it. I purposely cough up a lung when I have to. Sorry, but if you want cancer, go for it, I don’t so stop spreading that shit.

That’s all for now then!