On Giving and Receiving Gifts

As we are in the middle of the holiday season, I’ve been thinking, and stressing, quite a bit about giving and receiving gifts. This seems to be the central part of this time of year. Even though that’s not what these holidays were meant to be about, it’s most people’s favorite, or maybe least favorite, part.

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Teal Pumpkins

I’m sure you’ve seen many facebook posts about the Teal Pumpkin Project. If not, then you either don’t have a facebook, or you don’t get on very often. Either way, it’s a fantastic idea!

So here’s the deal. If you have kids, who you plan to take them trick or treating this Halloween, you may see some teal pumpkins. They are being put outside of houses that are offering non-food treats for the little kiddies. Now, most of you parents are probably thinking, why would a kid want something that’s not candy? Isn’t that what Halloween is all about? Well, yes. For kids, it’s all about that sack full of sugary goodness. But don’t worry, these weirdos with their teal pumpkins have a pretty good reason.

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Daily Prompt: Familial Feasts

Many countries celebrate Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. If you could dedicate a holiday to a more distant relative, who would it be — and why?

I think that Grandparents are the most under-appreciated relatives. When parents need a last minute babysitter, or just some time to themselves, it’s usually the grandparents who take the kids. Not to mention in the number of skipped generation households is on the rise. Skipped generation families are those in which the grandparents are raising the grandchildren.

While we do have a day for grandparents, I bet you have no clue when it is. It’s celebrated on different days in different countries, but a quick google search should give you an answer.

But why wait? Next time you see your grandparents, let them know you appreciate them! As my high school band director said, never turn down a hug from grandma, you never know how many more chances you’ll get!

Better yet, give them a call right now! Unless you’re reading this at some ridiculous hour of the night. Call them in the morning, maybe? Up to you, but show them some love!


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside (Sept. 13)

It’s been a while!

Here is my photo of “Inside”


This photo was taken inside of the Dr. Seuss ride at Universal Studios. The ride stopped while we were at this part an I thought it looked cool, and I had nothing better to do.

So funny story. My senior year of High School on the band trip to Disney World, some friends and I were walking into Animal Kingdom and it started to rain. We wanted to see the animals and ride Everest, but it was raining. So, jokingly we cursed Zeus and Poseidon for making it rain and ruining our wonderful day. Eventually the rain cleared up and we were able to see the animals and ride the rides. Only one problem. Every ride we got on that day broke while we were either on it or next in line for it. Luckily it was our last day in Disney.

This pasted summer when I went with my family about half of the rides broke while I was in line or on it; including this one.

The moral of this story is NEVER curse the gods. They WILL seek revenge.


Happy Carousel Day!

Today is Carousel day!

Everyone loves carousels! They aren’t just for kids, you know!

My favorite is the the Carousel of Progress in Disney World.

The carousel takes you through the 20th century with the American family and shows you the advancements in technology. Here are some pictures!

The first scene is at the turn of the century and explains that life can’t possibly get any better. It talk about towering building up to 20 stories and images flickering on a screen.

The next scene takes place in the 1920’s. Than man expresses his amazement about being able to get from New York to Los Angeles in only 3 days! And don’t forget about indoor plumbing! Not to mention, his wife can sew their clothes at night thanks to the light bulb! But better be careful! You might blow a fuse!


The next scene puts us right in the middle of the 1940’s. Now we have a bigger refrigerator that can hold way more food, and ice cubes! He no longer has to clean his own dishes thanks to his automatic dishwasher! He also talks about the “ratrace” and having to drive all the way into town for work in the morning, only to have to do drive all the way back at the end of the day. And the highway is crowded with fellow rats trying to do the same thing! He talks about the television giving him all his news, plus all the signing and dancing, which he calls “fluff” but he likes it. He predicts a day when people will learn latin and greek from their tv set.

The last scene takes you to the future of progress and shows you voice activated household appliances that will do anything you say. The young son has a virtual video game, and the wife announces that she has finished programming the house, and turns the Christmas tree on from the kitchen. The grandfather begins telling the daughter about “the old days” when the daughter replies with, “Oh no, you’re not talking about the old days when you didn’t even have a car phone!” The grandfather tells her that they didn’t even have a house phone!

Ah! How interesting! If you’re ever at Disney World, check out the carousel of progress in Tomorrowland and Magic Kingdom! It truly is a great carousel, and a fun look at the progress of the 20th century!


Happy Cousins Day!

July 24 is Cousins Day!

Some people like their cousins, some people don’t. Some people spend a lot of time with their cousins, others never see them. Which are you?

For me, I don’t mind my cousins. Maybe because I don’t know them very well. I only have two first cousins. One lives in South Carolina, the other in Arkansas. Both are a couple hour plane ride away.

So, for Cousins day, I thought I would explain how cousins work. Many people know that a certain cousin is their second cousin a couple times removed, but what does that mean, and how do you figure that out?

Step one. Who is the older cousin? Let’s say its your cousin Jimmy.

Step two. How many generations are between you? We’ll say there’s one generation.

Step three. How many generations do you have to go back, starting from Jimmy (the older cousin), to find where your trees intersect? Let’s say, for example, your grandfather was Jimmy’s Mom’s brother. This means that, starting from Jimmy, you went back one generation to find where your tree met his.

Step four. Jimmy is your first cousin, once removed.


The cousin part comes from the amount of generations between the older cousin and where your two trees meet. The removed comes from the amount of generations between cousins.

Here’s a picture:


It would be the same if you and Jimmy switched places (If Jimmy’s Grandfather was your Mom’s brother).

But what is your Grandchild’s relation to Jimmy? First cousin, three times removed.

cousins2Make sense? Good.

You an Jimmy’s child, Sean, would be second cousins (because there are two generations from the oldest cousin to the link) and zero times removed (because there is no generation gap). Your Grandchild and Sean are second cousins (two generations between Sean and the link) twice removed (two generations between Sean and your Grandchild).

Get it? Got it? Good.

If anyone is still confused, you can visit this site to learn more.

No matter what your cousin’s relation, give them a call and wish them a happy cousins day!


Happy Gorgeous Grandma Day!

Today is Gorgeous Grandma Day!

Give her a call, or go visit!

Today is a day for any woman over sixty who:

  • Believes she has her whole life ahead of her
  • Wants to make the most out of every day
  • Wants to thrive, not just survive
  • Cares for her mind and body
  • Remains adaptable to life’s sweet and bittersweet moments
  • Cherishes herself as much as she cherishes her loved ones
  • Is open to learning new ideas
  • Loves life and lets everyone know it

But I think its more than that. I think its about showing your grandma that you love her just as much as she has always loved you!

I remember something that my high school band director said during a practice in my junior year when one of the other members’ Grandma came to visit him. My director stopped practice so they boy could talk to his grandma for a few minutes. When everyone was back together, he said to always hug your Grandma ’cause you never know how much longer you have with her.

That was maybe a month after I had lost mine. She had spent the last four or so months going between hospitals and nursing homes. We visited her everyday and brought her whatever she wanted for dinner. You know those hospital meals aren’t made with any love. We knew that we were seeing her for the last time when we left the hospital that night. She had told the nurse she was a nine. We all knew she was hardly a three. She was ready. We all went home and waited for the phone call. It came at 10:05 pm.

If you still have your grandma, give her a hug and tell her that you love her. Tell her that she’s beautiful. Because she is.


Happy Flitch Day!

Today is Flitch day!

In the 15th century, a “flitch” was an amount of bacon given to a married couple who could prove that they had been faithful and loving to each other for an entire year.

Not many couples could say that they “took home the bacon.”

Now, Flitch day is just a day to celebrate bacon! Who wouldn’t want to celebrate this delicious parcel sent to us form the God of delicious foods.

So, get out there, buy some bacon, get creative if you want, and celebrate the bacon!



Happy Pet Fire Safety Day!

Today is National Pet Fire Safety Day. But I figure, why keep it national? People in other countries have pets, and a risk of fire, so let’s share!

Lots of people have pets that they really care about. But sometimes, their houses catch on fire and it can be hard to make sure everyone gets out unharmed, especially small children and pets.

Here are some tips to help you keep your pets safe:

  • Make sure that your pet can’t knock something over that could start a fire while your gone. A hot lamp that falls onto a carpet could catch the carpet on fire. If you want to leave a light on, make sure it is one that can’t be knocked over.
  • If you have small animals, like cats or smaller dogs, make sure there is no where that they can become trapped, or somewhere that you can’t get to them in case of an emergency.
  • More obviously, extinguish open flames when you leave them. Pets are naturally curious, don’t leave your candles burning while you are not home. And make sure your fireplace it completely extinguished before you leave.
  • Get a pet alert window sticker here, here, or here. Firefighters are familiar with these stickers. You should keep a list of the pets in your home so rescuers know how many pets they need to find if no one is home to tell them.
  • Since pets can’t open doors by themselves (unless you have a genius pet, or a dog door that you leave open while your gone), pets can’t get out if they are home alone. Consider having a monitored smoke alarm that connects to an emergency response center, that can contact a fire department should your house catch fire.

It is very important for you to take all steps necessary to ensure your pet’s safety because the priority for firefighters is: People, firefighters, pets. Your pet’s safety comes last to firefighters. I feel that a pet is a member of the family and should therefore be treated with the same priority as people, but maybe that’s just me.

Keep your pets safe!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia (July 5)


4534_1180063064468_1664647_nI think we all long for our childhood every once in a while. I know I definitely miss not having any responsibilities. I didn’t have any work to do, my food was made for me, i didn’t even have to dress myself. Not to mention I didn’t understand what was going on in the world. None of it mattered to me anyway. It was nice to not have a care in the world.