Appreciate the Little Things [Part 10]

Parts 1-9

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. I’ve been thinking… why is it that ranting is so much fun?

  • Revving engines – Why? Why do people do this? Are you looking for attention? Do you just enjoy being irritating? What is the purpose? It doesn’t make you seem cool. When you’re stopped at a light, and you instruct your vehicle to make obnoxious sounds to show off, or whatever, its just annoying. Think of it like this: you’re waiting in line at the bank, grocery store, or where ever it is that you find yourself in a line with strangers, and you just start shouting, and making noises. The people in the line don’t say, “Wow, look at that guy. Isn’t he cool? I wish I could make a fool of myself in public.” No, it’s more like, “Well, I’m not sure if something is wrong with this individual, or maybe they want attention? Should I call the police? This person seems a little strange.” Long story short, you’re not cool, people aren’t envious or jealous of you, they just want you to stop.
  • Nice weather during the work week – Have you ever noticed how it’s always warm and sunny while you’re stuck in the office, or classroom, and then when the weekend, or your day off comes, it rains? Why, nature, why? I feel like I’m always stuck inside for nice weather. I make plans to have a picnic, or do something fun outdoors, and its cold, overcast, and threatening rain. If someone has an in with mother nature, please forward this complaint.
  • Misspelling websites – For those of you who don’t know, if you misspell a commonly used website, you’ll likely be redirected to a porn site, or a survey that won’t allow you to leave the page. Is this really necessary? I remember when I was younger, my friends and I were trying to access nickelodeon online, and being six years old, misspelled the web address. That, ladies and gentlemen, was the first time I ever viewed porn. To be fair, websites like facebook and twitter have bought similarly spelled pages and have them redirect to the actual page now. But honestly, who puts porn on a website that children could accidentally end up on?  What is wrong with people?
  • When your spoon falls into your soup – I know this has happened to you before. You put your spoon in your bowl and it disappears into your soup. Then you have to fish around in your food to find your wet, sticky spoon. Do you go rinse it off? Do you use a napkin? Do you try to play it off like it never happened? I’m sure there’s some awkward contraption you can attach to either the spoon of the bowl to prevent this, but honestly, it’s 2015, where are the hover spoons?
  • Stickers that don’t peel off – you buy some nice new item and try to peel the sticker off but it just rips. Then you think you can out-smart it and pull from another corner, but it just rips again. Then you’re left with the center of the sticker still on the book, looking like a mess. Plus, you have sticky residue left from where the edges peeled off. You know that’s just going to collect dust and turn black and gross. I have this problem with textbooks a lot. If you buy or rent books online they come decked out in “used book” and “rental” stickers from numerous different companies. I always try to peel them off just to make the book look a little nicer. BUT IT NEVER WORKS PROPERLY. Again, it’s 2015, why haven’t these disrespectful stickers been replaced?

As many of you may know, ranting continuously will only create more stress and anger. To keep my blood pressure at a safe level, I’m going to stop for now.



Appreciate the Little Things [Part 9]

So, I’ve been slacking on these. I’ve been slacking on blogging as a whole. I figured this would be a fun way to get back into things. Find parts 1-8 here.

Let’s get started.

  • YouTube ads. I don’t know if you watch YouTube, but I watch it all the time. The most annoying thing is the ads. To be fair, I understand why they are there and all of that. I don’t really mind watching the ads either, but when the ads takes fifteen minutes to load, I start to get annoyed. I’ve also encountered entire music videos as ads before. And there was no skip button. Unless there is a skip button, the ads should be limited to thirty seconds. I would also like a variety in the advertisements. If I’m watching a playlist, or just a bunch of videos, I don’t want to watch the same ad between every video. Of course, the easiest solution is to download adblock, but then the creators don’t make any money, and that doesn’t seem fair. I just want to hold onto my sanity while watching YouTube.
  • Gum Chewers. First of all, gum kind of grosses me out. You’ve been chewing on that piece for who knows how long, and there’s who knows how much bacteria in that, and ew. But honestly, I don’t care if you want to chew it. I just don’t want to see it, or hear it. Keep your mouth closed while you chew on it. This topic was touched on in part 8 with noisy eaters. It’s really not that difficult to close your mouth while you’re chewing. But that’s not the only thing that annoys me about gum chewers. I haven’t encountered this as much recently, but I always seemed to be surrounded by gum addicts. They’d hear someone open a pack of gum and suddenly, they were trying to become that persons friend in exchange for a piece. Is gum really that great? And if it is, why don’t you buy your own pack? What do they cost? $0.89? I guess I’d rather people be addicted to gum than meth.
  • Slow walkers. I typically walk pretty quickly, but I understand wanting to go a little slower, for whatever reason. Just don’t walk in the middle of the sidewalk. On days when I’m tired in the morning, or I’m sore from whatever, and I want to go slower, I try to walk on the edge of the sidewalk, leaving room for others to pass. But every time I want to walk quickly, because I’m running late, or meeting someone, I seem to get stuck behind some group of guys, whose pants are around their knees, preventing them from moving faster than a turtle. And they tend to take up the entire sidewalk.  Like, move! I don’t mean to sound rude, and I understand that sometimes people can’t move faster, but try to be considerate of those around you!
  • Rude smokers. If you smoke, please be considerate. I don’t really care if you want to destroy your respiratory system, but please don’t destroy mine. That twenty-five feet rule is in place for a reason. People don’t want to walk through a cloud of toxins to get into a building. Please do not stand near an entrance. Walking and smoking is also rude. Do you realize that when you blow out that smoke, it goes right into the face of the person behind you? What if they have asthma, or are allergic to cigarette smoke? you could cause serious problems for them. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that cigarettes are bad for you, and blah, blah, blah, but do you realize that you are giving a considerable chunk of your income to a company whose product causes cancer? That’s pretty dumb.
  • Packaging. You know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s excessive. Why it is necessary to package air fresheners in vacuum sealed, indestructible plastic? I was trying to open a pack of razor head replacements recently and it took me a good twenty minutes with a pair of scissors to actually get to the product. Why? WHY? And how many times have you been trying to open something and ended up hurting yourself trying to break through the packaging? I’m convinced that a lot of things would survive an atomic bomb with all the packaging. Just earlier today I was trying to break down an empty box to put in recycling and the amount of glue used to hold the bottom of the box together would have been sufficient for an entire kindergarten classes’ art projects. Why is that necessary?

That’s all for now! There will be more in the future!


Fun Gosling Facts

Noun Challenge: July 28, 2014

Today’s noun: Gosling

This proved to be more challenging that I originally thought. I was going to give you some fun facts about goslings (the animals) and some cute pictures. Everyone like baby animals, right? Well, I can’t find any because, if you didn’t already know, if you try to Google search “gosling facts”, the entire first page of results is “30 facts you didn’t know about Ryan Gosling” or other similar gossip. No offense Ryan, but I’m trying to make a post with cute animals, and your last name isn’t making it very easy.

After having to filter my search to remove celebrity gossip, this is what I found (if you don’t care and just want pictures, scroll down a bit):

  • Geese average about 5 goslings per year.
  • Geese mate for life, but will find a new partner if one dies.
  • They return to the place of their birth to mate.
  • Goslings spend 2-3 months on the ground before they learn to fly.
  • Adult Geese cannot fly during molting season (they lose some feathers). This lasts about six weeks.
  • Geese stay with their young until they can fly.
  • Geese will attack humans who come too close to their young.
  • Geese are one of the few birds that do not leave their families after mating season. Families stay together.

Not many facts, sorry. Like I said, Ryan Gosling insisted on interrupting. As promised, here are some pictures.

I’m sorry for that tired joke, but once again, he insisted.

As always, have a tip-top day and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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Images found from Google Images (search term: Gosling geese).

Swordfish by Urban Dictionary

Noun Challenge: July 12, 2014

Today’s noun: Swordfish

So I thought about doing some fun facts about swordfish but then I figured you might be getting tired of that, so I decided to see what Urban Dictionary had to say. For anyone who doesn’t know, Urban Dictionary is the place to go when you don’t understand the lingo those pesky teens are using. Sorry teens, if your parents read my blog, they might know what you’re talking about now. Anyway, a fair warning: Some of these definitions may be inappropriate for younger readers. Not that you’ll actually stop reading now…

Let’s see what Urban Dictionary had to say.

1. Swordfish: “To receive oral from someone while sat at a desk.”

2. Swordfish: “A type of fish only consumed by wealthy physicians as coined in 2012 by consensus at Georgetown School of Medicine.”

3. Swordfish: “Whenever a boy gets a boner in a pool or beach area.”

4. Swordfish: “A term used in high stakes gambling it means a million dollars.”

5. Swordfish: “when some one jabs you in the stomach.”

6. Swordfish: “The term for a friend who single-handedly ruins a group photo by staring in a direction not even closely related to the camera, as if he is a swordfish being distracted by a large shinny object.”

7. Swordfish: “Profession. Expert computer hacker that is not only known by their friends, but also by major corporations as a “just in case”. Has no loyalty to a person or corporation, but always has a price, i.e. works mostly freelance.”

8. Swordfish: “a lame movie starring halle berries tits.”

9. Swordfish: “A person who excels in a substantial amount of fuckheadedness or douchebaggery.”

10. Swordfish: “The act of shitting in a condom, freezing it, then fucking a girl in the ass with it.”

Okay. That’s enough. I warned you that some of them are a bit R-rated. Anyway, you’ll never look at a swordfish the same. Sorry about that. Try not to spend too much time on Urban Dictionary, but it is a pretty good way to figure out what something means. Welp, I don’t even know what else to say after all of that. Uh, have fun with that information I guess.

Again, sorry for spelling/grammar errors! Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow.



swordfish. (n.d.). Urban Dictionary. Retrieved July 12, 2014, from

Appreciate the Little Things [Part 8]

I realize that when I started this ‘series’ I posted like three in one month, and after that they became incredibly spread out. I hope to post a few of these this summer to get back on track. I have a long(ish) list of these little nuggets of rant lined up and waiting to go. I’m going to continue to post five at a time as that has given a pretty good amount in the past.

Find previous parts here : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7!

Let’s get started!


  • Automated Phone Service/Customer Support. This is terrible. How many times have you called your phone company, or your credit card company, or whoever, and had to sit through their customer service message pushing buttons for an hour. Press 1 for this, press 2 for that, press 3 for this other irrelevant thing. You sit through all of these instructions only to find that your problem wasn’t mentioned. So what do you do now? press the button that corresponds to the closest thing and see if you can get somewhere in the next set of instructions? What a pain.
  • The “0” Option. Some of those customer service messages give you the option to press 0 and talk to a person if you none of the options help with your problem. However, more and more of those annoying recorded messages are getting rid of that option. You will be forced to push thousands of buttons, to no avail. As companies are dropping this option, they are adding the ability to say a keyword having to do with your problem. That seems nice, you can just say what your problem is. That’s all good if you don’t mind repeating yourself fifty times.
  • Noisy Eaters. You all know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, you’re probably the problem. Anyway, nothing bother’s me more about eating with other people, than having to listen to them smack their lips or chew loudly. Seriously, all of that noise can be silenced if you just keep your mouth closed while you chew. It’s not even difficult to do. I don;t really want to listen to you eat. It sounds disgusting and it’s quite annoying if there is conversation going on. Didn’t your parents ever teach you to chew with your mouth closed?
  • Talking Obnoxiously Loud on the Phone. Don’t do it. Just stop. If your phone rings while you’re in the grocery store, stop and think, “Do I really need to answer this right now?” Here’s a hint: The answer isn’t always ‘yes’. If it’s someone you live with, they might be asking you to get something for them. You can answer that. If it’s your boss, you should probably answer that as well. A repair man, a mechanic, someone you are doing business with, that’s all fine, answer it. But your bff who is just calling to talk, yeah, that can wait. So, if you decided you better answer this phone call in the grocery store, you don’t need to shout. You can talk quietly. Remember in grade school when the teacher always said to use your inside voice? Yeah, that still applies. Also, when appropriate, ask if it’s okay if you call them when you get home. But most importantly, BE QUIET.
  • Slow Drivers in the Fast Lane. I understand there is a speed limit and you would like to follow it, but get out of the way. Yes, I am one of those drivers who hates being stuck behind someone. I wouldn’t call myself an aggressive driver, but I do yell at other cars a lot. Anyway, If you want to drive the speed limit, or slower, stay to the right please. Some people like to cruise around 70, or 75 mph. If you are going 50 mph, you don’t understand how frustrating you are. There are multiple lanes on the highway, and one of them is called the slow lane. That’s where you belong. I don’t really mind if you want to go the speed limit in the fast lane, but if you see someone coming up behind you, get out of the way and let them pass you. For all you know, they are in a hurry and you are making them very angry. Also remember that fast drivers are not necessarily dangerous drivers.


Okay, that’s enough for now!  Have a great day!


Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns (Sept. 20)

Here we are!


I dont have much to say about this one… its lines that make patterns. This is the ceiling of the Owl Post in Harry Potter World. I actually took this picture cause i thought it was cute that they actually took the time and effort to put owl poop on the beams.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside (Sept. 13)

It’s been a while!

Here is my photo of “Inside”


This photo was taken inside of the Dr. Seuss ride at Universal Studios. The ride stopped while we were at this part an I thought it looked cool, and I had nothing better to do.

So funny story. My senior year of High School on the band trip to Disney World, some friends and I were walking into Animal Kingdom and it started to rain. We wanted to see the animals and ride Everest, but it was raining. So, jokingly we cursed Zeus and Poseidon for making it rain and ruining our wonderful day. Eventually the rain cleared up and we were able to see the animals and ride the rides. Only one problem. Every ride we got on that day broke while we were either on it or next in line for it. Luckily it was our last day in Disney.

This pasted summer when I went with my family about half of the rides broke while I was in line or on it; including this one.

The moral of this story is NEVER curse the gods. They WILL seek revenge.


Happy National Lasagna Day!

It’s National Lasagna Day!

Everyone loves lasagna! Unless you don’t ’cause you’re allergic to something in it… or you’re just weird. But that’s okay! Embrace your inner weird and let your freak flag fly!

But for the rest of us… we’re going to celebrate lasagna… The Garfield way!

If you don’t eat it like Garfield, you’re doing it wrong. So go get that Lasagna!


Happy Take Your House Plant for a Walk Day!

July 27th is Take Your House Plant for a Walk Day!

Well? What are you waiting for? Take the plant for a walk!

Grab the leash and get moving! Or if your plant is well trained, you might not need a leash. Either way, you better get moving! You’re losing daylight!

Enjoy the weather with your plant! Go on…


Happy Cow Appreciation Day!

Today is Cow Appreciation day!

Without cows we wouldn’t have milk, or burgers. Although, I’m not sure that some burgers are actually made of beef. And why are they called hamburgers? Anyway, we also wouldn’t have tacos without our lovely cows. That would just be awful. Life would be incomplete. It would be a half life, like someone who drinks unicorn blood in Harry Potter.

So let’s take a day to appreciate cows for existing.