Full Moon Challenge: February 25, 2013

Snow Moon. February 26, 2013. 3:26 pm. (picture taken later at night, obviously.)



At the last full moon, i said i wanted to learn how to lucid dream, and my goal for the moon cycle was to get closer to being able to do it. I’m getting closer. I think. I’ve been working with reality checks. Meaning, I am constantly questioning my reality. As you know, the dream world is abstract. Things don’t always make sense, but we accept them as reality. By questioning your reality while you’re awake, you can identify if your surroundings make sense. This will help you identify if you are dreaming or not.

I think this happened before the last full moon, but I feel it is appropriate to bring up now. I was dreaming, and, for whatever reason, I questioned my reality. I didn’t think it would work but I asked myself if I was dreaming, and I woke up. That’s progress, right? We’ll see what happens in the next month.

Since the last full moon, I’ve learned how to make a Celtic knot heart, which I might show in a post, if I can effectively take pictures. I’ve also been thinking a lot about reality. (partially from lucid dreaming, and partially from the philosophy class I’m taking). So, maybe I will create a post about my ideas on our existence and such. I have some pretty abstract ideas. Prepare yourselves.

My goal for the next full moon will be to get back into a regular work out schedule. With Valentines day, and midterms last week, my group has fallen off the wagon with working out.