Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow

I never thought I’d have a use for this photo, other thank looking at it for fun. But it seems to fit perfectly with the prompt; narrow. This is a pretty narrow fire on the beach. It was taken in the Bahamas a few years ago.

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One Word Photo Challenge: Child

I’d like to start by saying that I am 21 years old. I have never given birth, though many women my age have. But I do have a child. I adopted one. Four, actually. And they are all my children.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry On Top

I don’t have much to say about this week’s photo. This little girl is the icing on my cake. She’s my cherry on top. And unsurprisingly, she’s climbed into my lap as I’ve typed these few sentences.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Details

In this photo you can see all of the details in this little guy’s eyes. You can see all of the hairs on his (or her) body, and some of the hairs on the legs. You can also see the detailed pattern on it’s wings.

It’s not often we get close to a critter like this. A picture is always helpful to exploring the details.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Opposites

Another Photo Challenge!

Since I don’t have as much time today–due to typical American celebrations of independence including, but not limited to grilled foods, alcohol, and explosives– I’m just going to go ahead and post my photo challenge.

I wasn’t sure what I would to do for this one. I was thinking about trying to capture some natural occurrence of opposites, but I thought a lot of people may do that. I decided to go for a more simple idea; black and white.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Partners

For this prompt, I had many photos in mind. I made a short list of the photos in my archives that I would consider using for this challenge, but I erased the whole thing when I came across this one. It was just too cute not to share.

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One Word Photo Challenge: Snow

Here is a photo I’ve posted a few times. It’s from an early snow storm a few years ago. I think the contrast in seasons portrayed is quite interesting.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet

Lots of things happen beneath your feet that you don’t even realize. How often do we step on things that we didn’t even know were there? There are thousands, probably millions or billions of tiny organisms under our feet every time we take a step. There are also lots of buried things deep in the ground beneath us that we don’t give a second thought to.

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One Word Photo Challenge: Foggy

Foggy is very similar to humid in my mind. It took some planning ahead to choose photos that represented each accurately. Here is my contribution to this week’s challenge.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration

For me, Inspiration comes from lot of things, and sometimes from nothing. Sometimes, a thought just pops into my head, and I spend some time with it. Other times, I have to spend some time thinking, before I get that spark. Usually spending time alone, in a quiet place, helps with that. I don’t live near the ocean, so most of the time, deep into the woods is where I go. But on the occasion that I am near the beach, spending some time alone on the rocks can be pretty inspiring.

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