Blood and Refugee Crisis

As many people know, there is a refugee crisis right now. Lots of refugees that no one wants to help. You may also know that the Red Cross has asked for blood donations, as their blood supply is critically low. Though you may not think so, these two crises have something in common.

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Gays in the Military.

I know this topic is often discussed, especially during the whole debate surrounding Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, but I have something to say.

What are our troops fighting for? Freedom. They fight for others freedom and they fight to protect our freedoms. That’s fantastic! I support them completely. What I don’t support is giving freedoms to some people and not to others.

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Obviously, I’m going to be talking about the gay community in this post, but this idea of mine extends passed that. People are treated unequally all the time. While there isn’t much we can do about other people having racist, sexist, or homophobic thoughts, (they have a right to their own opinions), these opinions should be kept out of rules and laws. Believe it or not, women still get paid less then men for the same job. Gay people can’t donate blood. A person an be turned down from a job because the employer needs someone from a different ethnicity to meet the requirements of Affirmative Action, which I will write about soon!

Back to gays in the military. What really bugs me about allowing gays to serve in the military is that they are fighting to protect freedoms that they “aren’t good enough” to deserve. How can gay people be good enough to die for our country, but not be good enough to marry the one they love? The right for them to be able to serve in the military should be a good enough reason for them to have the right  to get married, adopt a child, donate blood, to be considered human, to not fear being who they are,  and to not have a ruling majority they have to please in this supposed land of the free. Just the fact the they are human should be a good enough reason.

One thing that really bothers me is that The Red Cross, who is partnered with the military, does not allow gays to donate their blood. Now, it is not completely their fault. It is a policy of the FDA that any man who has ever had sex with another man should not be allowed to donate their blood. However, the Red Cross supports this. The rule was originally enacted in 1983 to prevent the diffusion of HIV/AIDS.

Hello! It’s 2012! I think we can get rid of this policy. It was considered for removal in 2010, but it was decided that it was better to keep this in place.

I don’t understand. They test all of the blood they receive from donors for this disease along with others. The policy causes perfectly healthy donors to be turned down, and it discriminates against gays. The FDA refuses to see the discriminatory element of this rule.

Has the Red Cross not already mentioned a desperate need for donors? There are loads of people out there (in the military and not) who need blood but there simply isn’t enough. Could this be because the FDA thinks gay people have poisoned blood?

Anyway, I don’t think its fair that gay people are serving in the military to protect the rights that they don’t even get. And I am not by any means trying to say that gays should not serve in the military. I am, however, saying that if they are “good enough” to die for us, why aren’t they good enough for other rights?