Who Created the Devil?

I don’t usually talk about a lot of religious stuff here, but I’m stumped.

Now, you may not know this, but I’m not Christian. Actually, I’m not a fan of most world religions, but the subject still interests me. I don’t know much about the different mythologies, so I may be missing something here. But how did the devil happen?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic (July 11)

Noun Challenge: July 17, 2014

Today’s noun: Photograph

Since today’s noun is photograph, I figured I’d do the photo challenge (like I said I was going to start doing again and then didn’t). If you’re a new follower, I used to do the Weekly Photo Challenge every week, but I eventually got distracted by school work. Click here to see my other photo challenges! If you are here because this is a photo challenge post and you are very confused about the first two lines, I am doing the Noun Challenge this month. Click here to see previous Noun Challenge posts!

So, photo challenge. View the prompt here! Okay, no more links, I promise!

The prompt this week is Relic. I thought for a while about what relics I have, and nothing popped into mind. So, like the lazy person I have been recently (I’ve been using all old pictures for photo challenges recently), I went through all of the pictures on my computer.  Well, I got nothin’. So I though about some more. Somehow I thought about all of the old religious books we have in our family library. So, here we have some old prayer books from 1928, and 1939. I assume they belonged to a relative.

There you go. It’s pretty cool that these books are completely in Hebrew (Prayer books now, have the English translation underneath the Hebrew). Also cool, these are from WWII era. Just a fun little note.

Have a beautiful day and I’ll see you tomorrow!


Happy Anti-Bigot Day!

Today is Anti-Bigot Day!

Are you part of a minority? You probably are. Most people are part of at least one minority, if not two or three.

If you’re thinking, “How are most people part of a minority?” Let me explain:

A minority is defined as a member of society who has less access to the resources of the society because of their status within the society. Simply, someone who is commonly discriminated against. In America, this includes, women, black, gays, Jews, Muslims, Latinos/Latinas, mentally or physically disabled people, etc. Also included is anyone you can think of who has ever been denied a job, housing, equal pay, rights, etc. because of their race, gender, ethnicity, or religion.

now that we have that cleared up, let’s move on.

If you are part of a minority, chances are that you have been discriminated against. Let me explain the difference between discrimination and prejudice. Discrimination is the harmful treatment of an individual based on their status. Prejudice is an irrational negative attitude toward an individual based on their status. More simply, discrimination is an action. Prejudice is an attitude.

So, the fact that women in America get paid, what is it? 77 cents for every dollar a man would make, is discrimination because the woman is doing the same job as a man, but not getting paid as much. The idea that women can not work as well, which is the thought behind getting paid less, is prejudice. See the difference?

The mind set that all Muslims are terrorists is prejudice. Not hiring someone because they are Muslim is discrimination.

Okay, so for anti-bigot day, I say we all try to learn something about a minority that we don’t know much about. Even if you don’t think you are prejudice toward that group, try to learn something about them. If it’s Muslims, look up the basic beliefs of Islam. You might just learn that Islam is a peaceful religion and terrorists, who claim to be Muslim, aren’t.

You don’t have to learn about the ones I’ve mentioned. There are so many more. Look up smaller religions around the world. Maybe learn about Wicca and clear their names as well.

If you aren’t interested in religions, Maybe look up LGBT culture. There’s more than just L, G, B, and T. The full acronym is LGBTQQIAAP. If you didn’t know that, start there!

If you hate all the immigrants from Mexico, look up what life is like in Mexico and the countries south of Mexico where a lot of our immigration comes from. Maybe that will help you better understand the people that risk everything to come the America illegally.

If you are not from America, I’m sure you know who the minorities are in your area, look them up!

And now that I’m done preaching sociology to you all, have a great Anti-Bigot Day!


Appreciate the Little Things [Part 6]

Parts 1-5!

It’s been a while. I’ve been slowly gathering these as time has passed. Believe it or not, it’s getting more and more difficult to find new things that bother me. I can’t let every little thing bother me. I’d probably turn into Shrek and live in a cottage on a swamp in the middle of who knows where. Of course, I would probably write about how annoying the mosquitoes are. Who knows? On with the post!

  • Tagging photos on facebook. We all have that friend, or family member, who decides to tag themselves in your pictures. I find this annoying. If you aren’t in the picture, you’re name shouldn’t be next to it. Of course, there are exceptions. If someone wasn’t in the picture that was there, or the friend that took the picture, and so on. We can all figure out who should be tagged, and who shouldn’t be. Well, most of us can. Basically, if you aren’t in the picture, or involved some how, then don’t tag yourself. If you want to save the picture, because it’s cute or whatever, then save it to your computer.
  • “Going up South.” Don’t be directionally challenged. If you live in Nebraska, you are going down to Texas, not up. There always seems to be a person Who says they are going up to DC. Sorry, but we are currently above DC. You are going down to DC. Look at a map.
  • Religious Intolerance. You know who you are. And I’m not just talking about a single religious group. I know I give Christianity a hard time. A lot. But the truth is, everyone does it. Just my giving Christianity a hard time is a perfect example of religious intolerance. People who know me in real life, know that I don’t have a problem with Christians. At all. I think its a great religion. I just happen to disagree. Please respect that. If some one believes in something, you have no right to tell them that they are wrong. Of course, I’m always up for a philosophical debate. But a debate is, in no way, meant to insult anyone. To me, religion is personal. If you like to talk about it, that’s fine. Just make sure that what you say isn’t offensive to anyone.
  • Teachers that stand in the way of the board. No one can see what you are writing, drawing, or pointing at, because your body is in the way. I had a sociology teacher last semester that would project the power point, then stand right in the way of the screen. Move. This semester, my geography teacher stands about a foot away from the map, and points to a country. No one has any idea what he’s pointing to. Move.
  • Leaving lights on. If you aren’t using it, turn it off. Maybe it’s just the nature lover in me, but what I really hate is when im looking up at the sky and I can’t see a single star because of all the unnecessary light pollution. A more direct example? My roommate turns her desk fan on all the time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve turned it off. She usually turns it to blow on her at night. It’s become routine that I turn it off every morning when I wake up. First, its noisy. Second, its cold. Third, its not being used so it should be off.

Well, that’s five. This will be back when I find some more things that bother me. I hope you enjoyed reading!


Removing God from Schools and the Events in Connecticut

As I am sure most of you have  heard already, there was a horrible shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut this morning. We all know how sad this is and that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

Watching the news, someone, as expected, asked, “How can God let something like this happen?” I have no problem with this. That’s their religion, and that’s fine. Then, either the guy he was talking to or the same guy mentioned that it happened because we have systematically removed God from the school system.

No, Sir. We have not removed God from the school system. We have removed the prayer to God from the public school system. You may say that’s the same thing. It’s not. Students are free to pray to their God as many times as they would like during the school day. Public schools still close during the Christian Holidays. Although teachers, coaches, principals, and other faculty cannot lead students in prayer, does not mean that God has been removed from schools.

Believe it or not, keeping school-led prayer out of the public school system is also keeping some bullying out. Before Prayer was removed, non-Christian students were allowed to leave the room if they did not want to participate in the Prayer. This, for obvious reasons, singled out non-christian students, and made them targets for bullying.

On the topic of holidays, public schools close for all major Christian holidays. Unfortunately, students of other religions are still required to attend school during their religion’s holidays. Some may argue that schools will excuse students from school during their holiday. But, these students wold still miss important lessons, and have make-up assignments.

In the end, not having prayer in school just makes it easier for every to get a good education. And to say that this horrible incident was caused by removing prayer from schools makes me sick.

Back to the tragedy in Connecticut. It is heart breaking, as many news reporters have said today. I think everyone will keep these families in their thoughts over the next few weeks and especially over the holidays. I’d like to remind everyone though, to keep the survivors and their families in their thoughts as well. Although those kids made it out alive, and their parents are grateful for that, they have lost friends and community members. Not to mention, the parents of the survivors have to explain to their young children what happened at school today. How you explain to a small child something that we, as adults don’t even understand, is beyond me.


Quotes: Imagination

I haven’t posted in a while and I decided now is a good time. In case you didn’t notice, I’m not doing a theme for October. Anyway, here is a quote.


“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.”

~George S. Patton

I like this quote because if everyone had the same beliefs then the world would be pretty boring. If you think about it, it would be kind of like communism; everyone would have the same beliefs and everyone would have the same style and everyone would have the same decorations in their houses and I can go on but I won’t. This quote is pretty self explanatory. Actually, my computer is about to die and I want to get this posted now. I’ll probably post again soon! Oh! And don’t forget that commenting thing!

People Who Are Apparently Not On Drugs.

If any of you have been watching the news lately, you’ve seen some of the stupid shit people are doing.

First, I’m going to talk about this woman who decided she wanted to swim from Cuba to Florida. That’s 100 and some miles. Are you crazy? And in the middle of summer? There’s sharks and jellyfish out there! Not to mention Hurricanes and other storms. Did you check the weather report before you decided to put this dumb ass plan into action? Then she goes and says that no one has done it before. No shit. There’s a reason. because it’s dumb. Well anywho, she had to cut her swim short because it became too dangerous. She ended up getting hypothermia. Maybe next time, you’ll listen to me. This woman… I can’t even…

Next, let’s discuss the Baywatch  girl who thinks she’s going to find Noah’s Ark. When I heard this story, my first reaction was, “And she’s on which drug?” Apparently, she hasn’t taken anything. She’s fulfilling her third grade dream of finding the ruins of Noah’s Ark. So this brilliant woman travels to Turkey to climb the mountain where the boat ruins are supposed to be. Part of the way up the mountain, she looks back and sees how high she is. She then decides that this mission is too dangerous for her at the moment. She looses her footing and falls and gets her face all beat up. She then says in an interview, “I’m not a professional rock-climber.” I respond to my TV screen with, “Well you’re a professional fucking moron.” Seriously, don’t you think that if there were pieces of boat just laying around, some one would have found them by now? And, I’m not very familiar with Bible stories so correct me if I’m wrong, but the Ark would have been made of wood, no? Sorry sweetie, wood breaks down naturally in the environment. It’s been thousands of years, I think its gone. Not to mention, there’s about six thousand places that people claim the Ark is. The most shocking part about this woman’s story is: after her decision that its too dangerous, and sliding down the mountain on her face, she wants to go back and try again. THE AMOUNT OF EVENS THAT I CAN’T.

And something that everyone seems to be talking about:

That senator, or the guy who’s running for senate. I know very little about politics, and honestly, don’t care because I’m not old enough to vote. I’ll start caring when I’m considered enough of a citizen to be able to have a say. Anyway, He made some comment about rape ans how some rapes aren’t legitimate. Sorry, but if I don’t want to have sex with someone and that someone does it anyway, that’s rape, it doesn’t matter where I was or what I was wearing, or whatever. Rape is rape. And for the people that claim to have been raped to get an abortion: Rape victims generally show signs of a struggle. And why lie? It’s just BS.

What the fuck is wrong with people?

I just… Oh my god. No.

Is killing all the stupid people genocide or population control?

I’m sorry, that was mean. We can’t do that. I need blog inspiration.


Y is for Yin and Yang

This symbol had a lot of different interpretations, depending on who interprets it.

To me, it is a representation of good and bad, light and dark, male and female. I believe that you cant have one without the other. Its just not possible. nothing is completely bad, or evil, just as nothing is completely good. In every bad act, there is some goodness intended. In every good act, something bad can be found. It could be selfishness, or the desire for someone to return the favor. Doing something in hopes of something in return isn’t truly just an act of kindness. Its the same with bad actions. when someone does something that is considered bad, they might think it its going to help. There are many different possibilities.

You’re probably wondering about the male and female thing I said earlier. If you’ve taken a health class, or payed attention in one, you probably know that males have small amounts of the female hormone, estrogen, in them. Just like girls have some testosterone.

This symbol is usually thought of as a Chinese or Asian symbol. While this is true, many different Pagan religions use it. It is a perfect visual explanation of how good and evil intertwine. and how nothing in purely black or white. It is also perfectly balanced, which will bring peace to a very spiritual person.

Enjoy some peace!


N is for Nincompoop.

N is also for not a very long post.

The other day I was watching some of the old videos on a vlog that I enjoy. It’s called Gays of the week. Before you roll your eyes, hear me out.

So I was watching a video and reading some of the comments. Most of the comments were legitimate comments on the video. Then I come across one marked as spam. I usually enjoy reading those because its usually some idiot with a comment like, “wow fags lol.” First of all, I hate the word faggot, or any form of it simply because people don’t use it properly. And how petty is it to go around calling people names? What? Are you in second grade? UGH

Anyway, I like reading the comments marked as spam because I’m amused by the amount of people that will watch a video of an openly gay person and still make obnoxious comments.

So the other day I was watching one of the videos and saw a comment marked as spam. Just like all the other spam comments, I read it anyway. This moron decided to post a quote from the bible IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. It was the one about if a man should lay with another man the way he would lay with a woman blah blah blah…

First, your little quote isn’t going to change anything. Gays aren’t going to see that and be like, “Oh shit! the bible says I shouldn’t! let me go have sex with every woman I see, then god will love me.” No one in the video, and no one else watching the videos give a flying fuck about your bible quote.

Second, gay men don’t lie with men the same way they lie with women, so your quote means absolutely nothing.

Lets face it, because it’s in the bible means nothing to a lot of people. I, and most other people respect that you believe in the bible and take some, if not all of it seriously. All we ask is that you respect that the rest of us don’t have the same beliefs as you.

And on a side note, if heaven is full of the people that tried to push their beliefs on me, than hell it is for me! The people you say are going to hell are more fun anyway..

Okay, so this post wasn’t that short…