Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow

I never thought I’d have a use for this photo, other thank looking at it for fun. But it seems to fit perfectly with the prompt; narrow. This is a pretty narrow fire on the beach. It was taken in the Bahamas a few years ago.

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Summer Lovin’ (July 25)

I always think I have plenty of time to do these, then I realize that It’s Thursday already.

Sorry I”m always posting these at the last minute!

As most of my friends are a bit camera shy, especially in PDA situations, here’s my dog lovin’ the pool last summer.


Just look at the face. DSCN2721pp

The pool is, no doubt, her favorite part of summer.

Have a refreshing day and I’ll see you soon!


What Attracts Mosquitoes?

Noun Challenge: July 15, 2014

Today’s noun: Blood

This word was a little harder for me to find a topic for. What could I talk about, relating to blood, that wouldn’t gross people out?

So I figured, since its summer, and, at least in my area, humid outside, I could talk about mosquitoes. What actually attracts them, and whats just a myth.

A lot of people will try to tell you that mosquitoes are attracted to certain blood types. Don’t listen to them! They are lying to you! They will probably also tell you that certain foods you eat will make you a larger target for those little pests. This is also a lie.

So what actually attracts them?

Motion, heat, and carbon dioxide. When you’re at an outdoor party of some sort, you will be less likely to get bitten if you are sitting still, rather than running around. So, at your next cookout, grab a drink, sit back, and relax. Let those suckers playing volleyball pull the mosquitoes away from you!

The whole “pregnant women attract mosquitoes” thing is also a myth, though not really. They do attract mosquitoes, it just has nothing to do with the hormones of pregnancy. It actually has to do with the amount of carbon dioxide they release. Women will exhale more carbon dioxide when they are pregnant than when they are not. However, if someone else is running around a lot, they will most likely be producing more carbon dioxide than the pregnant woman.

Another thing to keep in mind is that larger people also produce more carbon dioxide. Sorry, but, the bigger you are, the more the mosquitoes will just eat you up!

In summary, to avoid mosquitoes, sit still and don’t breathe too much.

As always, I apologize for typos and grammatical errors. Have a fantabulous day and I’ll see you tomorrow!


A Good Summer Workout for Kids and Adults!

Now that it’s May, some College students are already done with their spring semester, some will be soon. Younger students will be out in a few weeks. But for many adults, summer doesn’t mean much more than warmer weather on their lunch breaks. Unless of course you have kids… Then summer means finding some way of entertaining the kids all summer, keeping them out of trouble.

Well whatever summer means to you, I’m sure you have some plans. A common thing to hear when spring arrives is, “I’m going to work out this summer!” And then fall arrives and no one has really worked out all that much. We all know how that goes.

But not to be too pessimistic! If you really want to work out, whether you want to lose weight or build/tone muscle, whatever, find a buddy! I know, I know. You find a buddy and then neither one of you work out. Well, make it a competition. You’ll have to find some way that makes it fun for the both of you. For example, a couple of my friends bought Fitbits this past school year and had competitions to see who could get the most steps in a day. It encouraged them to walk more, even when they didn’t really need to walk anywhere. So, if you can make a competition out of it, do it!

But that’s not why I’m here today. I’m not one of those people that encourage everyone to work out because honestly, you get busy, things get in the way, and it is hard to keep up with. I’m guilty of it too. But I do want to talk to you, especially the students out there, about working out your brain.

While your brain is not technically a muscle, it kind of works like one. If you don’t use it, you lose it. You’ve heard that before, but is it true? Yes. Think about it. What did you learn in your history class two years ago? If you haven’t had a history class in the last two years, think back to your last history class. What did you learn about? Maybe you can recall the subject. It was about American history, or World War I. Whatever it was about, do you remember everything that you learned? Unless you use that information every day, or you have a super awesome memory, you probably only remember a few key points.

Anyway, I’m not telling you to go back and read your old history book over the summer, though you can if you want. But you should try to learn something this summer. It could be a new language, or something more simple, like how to knit (possible how to post coming later, maybe). Chances are, whether you want to learn or not, you will learn something this summer.

But, the more you actively engage your brain, the stronger it gets. In other words, if you do brain workouts, you can improve your problem solving skills, mental flexibility, memory, attention to detail, etc. There are tons of ways to do this and it usually doesn’t take very long.

I use Lumosity. You’ve probably seen commercials for it on TV. Basically, you long on (it’s free) and you have a few games that you can play. There are different games every day for variety. All you have to do is play the games. It’s fun, and it works your brain.

But the question is, does it actually help? Well, studies show that it does, but I’m not here to sell their product. You can read all of that scientific stuff on their website if you want. What I will tell you is that I have noticed improvement in myself. It could be the placebo effect, or the games could work. I don’t know, but it’s free, it’s fun, and it only takes a few minutes a day. Of course, you could play for longer if you really like one of the games.

Another good way to really work your brain is to learn a new language. I know, you probably just rolled your eyes and contemplated leaving this excessively long blog post (if anyone is still even reading this) to go back to mindlessly scrolling your Facebook newsfeed. But hear me out. Most schools, I think, now require students to take a language course in order to graduate. And most students probably hate this. I know I did. My high school required two semesters of the same language and I avoided it like the plague. I took sign language as an easy out. My reasoning is that eventually I’m going to run into a deaf person and need to communicate with him or her. It actually turned out to be pretty useful in talking to friends across the room in other classes. But in all honesty, I’m glad I learned a little bit of Sign Language.

Anyway, learning a language is not only helpful in communicating with people who speak that language, but it also helps to work your brain (are you surprised?). I’m not going to get all scientific and explain why learning a language is good for you but I will say this: It doesn’t have to be as painful as your Spanish 1 teacher made it.

I use Duolingo. It’s kind of like Rosetta Stone, but it’s free. Again, not here to sell a product, but you should try it. It’s free, it’s completely online, and only takes a few minutes a day. Unfortunately, there are only a few languages available to learn right now, but hey, it’s free, you can’t really complain.

I’m not saying you have to do either of these things. If you want to spend your summer letting your brain turn to mush, then continue reading Facebook statuses of complaints about work and what your friends are eating for dinner, and watch hours of cats being adorable on YouTube. (I’m not dissing cats or YouTube here, because cats are cute and funny, and YouTube is a fantastic community of amazing content creators. Another potential future post). But seriously consider spending a few minutes on your brain every day, after all, I think it’s proven its loyalty to you.

However you choose to spend your summer, know that I will not judge you (okay, maybe just a little bit), mainly because I won’t know. But anyway, have a fun and safe summer with whatever it is you decide to do!


I’m Back!

I’m Baaaaaack!

Well, last week was finals, and yesterday I moved all of my stuff back home! I have a skinny pathway from my door to my bed because my room is filled with all of my things. I have made a small dent in the stacks of boxes but I got a little distracted.

Anyway, you don’t really want to hear about me unpacking, do you? I didn’t think so.

I just thought I’d post a little something for those of you who care enough to actually follow me! First of all, thank you for following my jibber-jabber. My blog is coming up on its two year anniversary and I’m amazed by the progress I’ve made. I’ll post something a little more sentimental on the anniversary. Anyway, I did decide, in January, to take a break from blogging during this past semester, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made regarding this blog. This past semester has been busy, busy, busy.

I had tons of work to do for classes since my brain malfunctioned and thought it would be a great idea to take an excessive amount of classes. Anyway, I’m waiting to get my grades from this past semester (they should be release sometime next week). I know I set a somewhat unrealistic goal for myself at the start of the semester by hoping I could get straight A’s again. Not that it would have been impossible, just that I would have stressed myself out way too much trying to pull it off. Simply, it wasn’t worth the stress it would have caused.

On a lighter note, I also had clubs and organizations that I dedicate a small amount of time to each week. Plus, my school finally allowed a resource center for the LGBT community on campus, which I, of course, volunteered some time for.

I’m not going to get into the smaller details of what I spend all my time doing, but just know that if I had tried to blog during this past semester, the content would have been spaced out and of unbelievably poor quality. I wouldn’t want to give my beautiful readers absolute crap.

Wow, this post has become much longer than I originally intended.

To the point! I’m back for the summer, and I will make a decision as fall approaches as to whether I will continue into the fall. For the summer months you can expect semi-regular blog posts. I have some things planned. I will be bringing back some of the old blog series that I have done in the past. I will do a challenge in July, as has become sort of a tradition. And I will try to find some fun new ideas to keep you all entertained!

Stay tuned for an obnoxiously long post coming out later today!


Happy Hammock Day!

Today is Hammock Day!

Right in the middle of the Dog Days of summer, which run from July 3 to August 11, we have hammock day!

So today, is a day for relaxing! A lot of people have to work today since it is Monday, but maybe after work, take a break in the hammock for a while. Everyone loves hammocks, right? I know I do. Perfect for taking a nap by the pool, or stargazing at night!

Whatever your plans, make some time to lay in a hammock!



A Disney World Rape

This is something that caught my attention on Facebook.

Basically, a young, college-aged woman, who was participating in the Disney College Program was raped by a co-worker at Disney World. For those of you who don’t know, the Disney College Program allows college students to take a semester (or more) off from their regular studies and work in Disney while taking some classes provided by Disney. There are tons and tons of students there every year. Anyway, This girl was raped by another student in the program. She decided to talk to the counselor about it when her co-worker was unwilling to discuss it. The counselor found out that the two had been drinking and immediately turned on the the girl and blamed her for not fighting back enough and told her not to hang around with boys at night.

So after a while longer she called her parents and told them what happened and they told her to report it to Disney. The girl could not find a person that would talk to her on the matter and got continuously forwarded to another person until she gave up. Eventually she did find the correct person to report it to. However, in her appointment, this new person blamed her for the rape, just as the counselor had. She was told that there would still be an investigation so she packed her bags and went home.

She later received a letter saying that her complaint about the counselor would be noted in the file. She called the Employee relations office for a follow up on the investigation. She was told that the case was closed and that no information on the actions could be released. She next called another co-worker asking if they had seen her rapist around the parks. The friends told her that he was there and that he was fine.

This is absolutely ridiculous. Just realize that Disney World has allowed a reported rapist to work with your children. That doesn’t sound like such a good idea. If any of my readers are planning  a trip to Disney World this summer, please be careful and travel in pairs! If you have children, keep them close!

Read the Article here!


Full Moon Challenge: April 25, 2013


Pink Moon, Wind Moon. April 25, 2013, 3:57 pm.


On the last full moon, I set the goal of passing all of my final exams. While I don’t know my grades on my final exams, I do know that I passed all of my classes. I even did better than I expected in my Sociology class. The professor in that class was known to be the most difficult on campus. He had a pretty bad reputation. But I really liked him. And I learned a lot from him too!

Since the last full moon, I’ve continued learning Italian. Its going pretty well. I’ve also gotten a few new E-pals. I’ve moved back home for the summer. Not too much else has happened since the last full moon honestly. Most of the time was used for studying for finals and packing to move out.

For the next full moon, my goal is to get back into the blogging routine. Now that I’m out of school, I have more time to blog. The next full moon also happens to be about a week and a half before my one year anniversary of starting this blog, so I hope to be back to blogging like I did when I started it.