Appreciate the Little Things [Part 2]

This is a continuation of a previous post: Link!


Here we go!

  • I absolutely hate when you are texting or chatting with someone and they don’t type with proper grammar. I’m not talking about not using an apostrophe, or not completing sentences (or run-ons). I don’t care about that stuff. It’s when they don’t separate thoughts. Sometimes I have to re read things a million different ways to try to figure out what they’re saying. Also, people need to learn the differences between your and you’re; there, their, and they’re; accept, and except; affect and effect; allot, and a lot; and to, too, and two. Seriously. Learn your own language. The only exception is non-native English speakers. However, most of the non-native speakers, that I know, understand the difference and use the words, and grammar, properly.<p align=”right”><!–more–></p>
  • It is starting to bug me when people give “god” credit for everything. For example, I received a few cards from family congratulating me on graduating. One of these cards was religiously themed. It talked about how “god” got me through high school, and thanking “god” for whatever else. Nowhere on the card did it say anything about all of the hard work I put into my school career. What about me? wheres my credit? Not to sound like I think everything should be about me, or that I didn’t appreciate the thought behind the card. Another example is when you get over a sickness, whether it be a cold, or more serious, and someone says something along the lines of “Oh, God has healed you!” No, he didn’t. My immune system did. Or the professionals in the medical field did. Why don’t you give the people who actually contributed the credit they deserve?
  • Sweden vs. Switzerland. Learn the difference. They are two very different countries in Europe. A few months ago, a kid in my Human geography class asked a question. This kid became known for questions that pissed me off. Anywho, I don’t even remember what his question was, I just remember him saying something about “The Swedes of Switzerland.” …Really? The only way you can have Swedes of Switzerland” is if they are visiting, and in that case, they they don’t represent Switzerland at all. The people of Switzerland are called the Swiss. Swedes are in Sweden. And the worst part about this experience is it too place in a geography class. Come on people. My mom does this a lot too. She told me something about having Swedes in our family tree. She went to look, to show me, and it turns out they were Swiss. THERE’S A DIFFERENCE!
  • I just love it when you are obviously listening to music and all these bitches, that wanted nothing to do with you when you weren’t listening to music, all of a sudden decide they want to talk. Sorry, can you see the headphones on  my head? Go away.
  • Coloring book pictures. If you don’t know, I color a lot. I can’t stand when the artist who drew the picture, decided it was a good idea to leave the picture unfinished. Example:As you can see, the line just stops. Yes, that looks fantastic for a drawing, and I know what it is supposed to be. Great! But not when i try to color it. Do I just stop the color there? Do I follow the curve of the line? What do I do? Coloring is supposed to be fun and relaxing. This is just too stressful!


More to come!