Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration

For me, Inspiration comes from lot of things, and sometimes from nothing. Sometimes, a thought just pops into my head, and I spend some time with it. Other times, I have to spend some time thinking, before I get that spark. Usually spending time alone, in a quiet place, helps with that. I don’t live near the ocean, so most of the time, deep into the woods is where I go. But on the occasion that I am near the beach, spending some time alone on the rocks can be pretty inspiring.

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One Word Photo Challenge: Tornado

When I first read through the list of challenges, I had no idea what I was going to do for this week’s. A tornado? I live in the mountains. We don’t get tornadoes. How would I ever complete this challenge?

Okay enough of the dramatics.

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One Word Photo Challenge: Tsunami

When I think of a tsunami, I think of a giant wall of water causing loads of destruction. Well, since I don’t have a picture of a tsunami, and I don’t think I ever will, I give you, stalactites!


Sorry it’s a little blurry. I was in a dark cave with no tripod.

Anyway, stalactites are formed by the minerals in water that drips from the ceiling. In other words, its a wall made by water, which is close enough.


For the One Word Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Way (May 29)

Plane Sky

Pictures out a plane window are always fun to take, and fun to look at. Most of us know what the ground looks like from 30,000 feet, but its not something that we get to see everyday. Some people fly more often than others, and to those people, this is probably boring, but for those others, pictures like these make them feel like a kid again.

We’re used to looking up at the clouds, but when they’re right outside your window? That’s pretty cool.

I’m not sure exactly where this was taken, but its somewhere over the east coast of the U.S.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag (Aug. 1)

Here are some zigzagging rooftops! 50 points for whoever can tell me where this is!


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Vacation and Harry Potter

Noun Challenge: July 31, 2014

Today’s noun: Vacation

First, I would like to start by wishing a happy birthday to Harry Potter. If you’re a hater, you don’t have to be here. Just kidding. Please stay? Anyway, I know that some people feel that the HP fandom goes a little over the top; that’s fine if you feel that way. But I just want to say that the HP books and movies have brought a lot of people together over the years. If you haven’t heard of the Harry Potter Alliance (HPA), a non-profit organization that uses Harry Potter to encourage civic engagement, you should check them out. They’re pretty cool. Okay, I won’t go on too long about this but keep in mind that your Hogwarts House is a very important part of me getting to know you. It looks bad if you don’t know your house.

Okay, so back to vacation. As you can tell by the date, this will be my last Noun Challenge post. I will not be posting daily after today. I will be keeping up with photo challenges (attempting to). Besides that, I will try to post at least two other posts per week, starting when I return from vacation the following week.

The best kind of vacation is one where you cut off your contact from the rest of the world. What fun is vacation if you’re still answering your work phone, or spending hours on facebook, just like you usually do? That misses the point of vacation. You should be focusing on relaxing and enjoying whatever activity you have planned. That could be anything from a busy schedule of outdoor activities, to lounging on the beach. Just relax and leave everything else behind. Its also a good time to bond with the friends or family that have gone on vacation with you.

I know that we are reaching the end of summer, but if you haven’t gone on vacation yet, maybe you should plan one. Even if it’s just a weekend trip to the beach, or camping, you deserve a break.

Have a magical day, and I’ll see you soon!


The Color Orange

Noun Challenge: July 22, 2014

Today’s Noun: Orange

I understand that the color orange is not actually a noun, and this post should actually be about fruit. However, I am taking advantage of the English language’s lack of originality in naming fruit (or maybe naming colors? Which came first?) because who wants to blog about a piece of fruit? Okay, there are probably some really amazing fruit bloggers out there, but I’m not one of them!

So, what exactly is more interesting about the color orange?

Not everyone can see it. I’m not talking about color blindness. I’m talking about entire cultures of  people who cannot see the color orange. I’m sure there are other cultures who cannot see other colors, but we’re talking about orange today.

One of my anthropology professors told us (multiple times) about a village he visited somewhere in (east?) Asia. I don’t remember exactly where it was, but they could not see orange. He thought it was pretty bizarre. This is yellow, this is red, this is orange. It seemed obvious to him. The people in the village said, no, that’s red. To these people, orange was just another shade of red.

So? What’s the point of this story?

In our culture, every four year old knows that orange is a color. That’s common knowledge to us. But that’s only because that’s what we were taught. To that Asian culture, it’s common knowledge that there are a bunch of shades of red before you get into shades of yellow.

This little story makes me wonder what we can’t see, that other cultures just know to be true.

Just a little something to get you thinking!

Have a spectacular day and I’ll see you tomorrow!



Noun Challenge: July 20, 2014

Today’s noun: Cormorant

What is there to say about cormorants (not to say that they are boring)? Anyone up for another list?

  • They tend to live around coasts, but can be found farther inland near lakes or rivers.
  • They eat mainly fish and other aquatic life.
  • They are a member of the pelican family, having webbed toes.
  • The sit low in the water, sometimes only their head and neck can be seen.
  • To catch fish the birds will either dive or sink into the water.
  • Cormorants can dive up to 100 feet deep, but average about 20-30 feet deep.
  • The longest recorded dive was 71 seconds. (That would be a cool job; timing birds under water)
  • They can often be seen standing on rocks or posts near the water with their wings outstretched to dry.
  • Some fishermen have trained these birds to catch fish for them.

Those were fun facts, right? Yea! Now you can impress your friends with useless knowledge at the beach too!

Okay, here are some pictures:

Google Image search term “Cormorant bird diving”

Google Image search term: “Cormorant”

Google Image search term: “Cormorant”

Google Image search term: “Cormorant”














As always, have a jubilant day, and I’ll see you tomorrow!





Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual Point of View (Sept. 6)


I thought this was a pretty unusual point of view… I’m not really sure what I was trying to capture here. Either I was experimenting with angles, something was there and I missed it, or it was an accidental photo. I’m not really sure.

But anyway, pretty unusual…

Sorry, no story to go along with this one.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea (Aug. 30)

I know I’m very late with this but school comes first.


So I figured most people would post pictures from the beach, or of a wave or something similar so I decided to be different. Ships sail in the sea, so it’s still relevant!

While I was in the Bahamas, there were people that would harass us everyday to take their banana boat tours. They told us we could go passed the place where people swam with dolphins (we couldn’t actually swim with them because that cost a ridiculous amount of money), and we could see all the celebrity homes on the water, and last, we would bet to see, and climb on, the ship from The Pirates of the Caribbean movies. So that sounded pretty cool.

So on our last day there, we went on this tour. It was fun, they flipped our off the boat a few times and just riding on it was fun. So we saw the dolphins, and we saw the big homes, and last we got the the boat. It looked really small. At first I thought maybe they used some sort of special effects to make this tiny boat look bigger. Nope. I realized this boat didn’t even look the same. Not to mention it didn’t even have the right name painted on the side of it. So it was all a lie!

But the trip was still fun.

Oh, right, the picture. So this is the mast of the not-the-Pirates-of-the-Caribbean-ship. And Masts are on ships and ships go in the sea so it’s relevant.