Appreciate The Little Things [Part 11]

They always say to appreciate the little things in life, but sometimes, it the little things that drive you absolutely crazy!

Parts 1-10

  • Reese’s stick to the wrapper. You know what I’m talking about. All you want is for your Reese’s cup to come out of the wrapper cleanly. But it doesn’t work. There’s always a chunk of chocolately goodness that gets ripped off and left on the wrapper. Of course, you lick it off. You wouldn’t want that piece of chocolate to go to waste; there are starving children. Honestly, why hasn’t anyone come up with a way to prevent this from happening? The chocolate on the wrapper, I mean, not the starving children. Tons of people are working on that, thankfully. Poor starving children.
  • The lock on the bathroom stall. Now, I know what you’re thinking, this could go to any number of places. It doesn’t quite reach the wall. It’s jammed. It doesn’t line up properly. It turns the wrong way. It doesn’t exist. Honestly, is it too much to ask for a lock that works? I expect this is more annoying for women than for men because there’s usually a line in the women’s room, and a lock that doesn’t work means a stall that’s not being used. JUST FIX THE LOCKS!
  • Fruit cup lids. Who designed those? Why can’t I open the fruit cup without spilling it all over everything. I know, if you peel it slowly and carefully you might not splash as much. But I shouldn’t need to be trained in disarming a bomb to open a fruit cup. I’m trying to be healthy and fruit cup manufacturers aren’t helping.
  • YouTube ads.  Anyone who spends hours on YouTube just groaned. I don’t mind ads, especially if they are helping the creators of the videos, but give me an option to skip the long ones. And don’t show me the same ad on twenty-five consecutive videos. And I should be exempt from having to watch it if it has to buffer. I didn’t want to watch the ad in the first place, I certainly don’t want to wait for it to buffer. I’m fairly certain I’ve talked about YouTube ads before, but this is infuriating.
  • Cancelling TV shows. Now, I understand that every show ends eventually. That’s fine. But give me closure. I get it, you have to end the show because no one is watching it and you could put another show on in that slot and make more money. But chances are there were a bunch of people attached to the characters and interested in the plot. Cancelling a TV show without providing any closure is ending an action movie in the middle of the big car chase. Finish out the initially scheduled season and let the few viewers come to peace with the end of the show.

That’s all for this time!  Part 12 is coming soon!



Full Moon Challenge: September 19, 2013

Harvest Moon. September 19, 2013. 7:13 am.

On the last full moon I set a goal of starting of the school year well. I have done so! I have gotten A’s on all of my tests so far. Unfortunately, I haven’t blogged at all since the last full moon. But, grades are more important. Sorry.

Since the last full moon, well, I started school! Not too much has happened yet. I got to see the moon through a telescope a little while ago. That was cool. Although I think the coolest part was being on the roof of the library. That was awesome. Anywho, not much else is going on. I will be in my dorm’s haunted house on Halloween. That’s fun. Also, All of my TV shows have come back on. The Voice, Bones, and a new series which I wan watching, Sleepy Hollow. The only problem is: they all come on Monday nights during my night class. So, Tuesday is my TV (and blogging) day.

For the next full moon my goal is to blog more often. I know I have done this before but sh. I want to blog at least once a week. It will most likely be on Tuesdays because that is my free day. We’ll see how this goes!


Full Moon Challenge: March 27, 2013

Worm moon, Storm moon. March 27, 2013, 5:27 AM.


At the last full moon, I made a goal to get back into a routine of working out. I did. It wasn’t the same routine that I had with my friends before, but its a routine.

Since the last full moon, I’ve started learning Italian, which is pretty fun, and not as difficult as I thought. I’ve only learned basic words so far so I’m no where near capable of having a conversation. Yet.

I’ve also signed up to participate in relay for life. If you don’t know what that is, its basically a way to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Doing things to help others is a great way to show that you care. Donating your time and money can really help people. If you don’t have time, just sending a money donation to places like the American Cancer Society can make a great difference. And for people like me, who have no money, can always donate time. Volunteer somewhere near you. It will make you and others around you feel good. And its really not that hard.

Also, since the last full moon. Television shows have started coming back on. We all know that I watch The Voice religiously. That premiered earlier this week. You may or may not be seeing posts about that in the future.

Also, History channel has started it’s first scripted show. It’s called Vikings, and follows Ragnar as he travels west, against his instruction not to. It’s actually very interesting. And the Norse Mythology, while not very well explained (at least not thus far), is pretty accurate.

Since the next full moon falls the day after my last final exam, my goal is to pass all of my classes. Its not too difficult of a goal,  but that’s what I’m going to be focusing on for the next several weeks.


T is for True Blood

Last Sunday’s episode of True Blood, “In the Beginning,” seemed to have a theme of self awareness and identity.

First, we have Eric and Bill, who have been working with the Authority and lying, to some extent, about their feelings toward the mainstreaming agenda. In this episode, they are asked to join the Sanguinista movement, the vampires that believe humans only purpose is to serve as food for vampires, by the authority members who have just overthrown the the authority. Both Eric and Bill are in favor of mainstreaming, although Eric is too manly to admit it. They go to a Sanguinista “meeting” where they are told to drink the blood of Lilith, the first vampire, in hopes that all doubts about the Sanguinista movement will be lost forever. They later go out and eat an entire party of humans with other authority members. With the blood of Lilith inside of them, that party of vampires sees an incarnation of Lilith. They go on eating until Godric’s ghost, Eric’s maker, shows up and reminds him that he knows what he’s doing in wrong. Eric can no longer see Lilith’s incarnation after he sees Godric’s ghost. The episode ends here, so we will see next week how Eric responds to this visitation. The look on his face tells me he’s going to stand up for what he truly believes. That’s the important thing. If you believe it, stand up for it.

In this episode we also see Alcide, a werewolf, training to take over his previously obtained position of pack master, which he turned down in disgust of the pack’s behavior. He decided to take over this position when he found out that the new pack master was doing V, vampire blood, which is a drug to anyone who drinks it. Alcide recently lost someone he cared about because she was on V, so his emotions surrounding the substance are strong. Anyway, his trainer suggests that he take V as well, to level the playing field. Alcide respectfully declines because he’s not willing to take an addictive drug to win a fight. I think this gave an important message to anyone watching, and paying attention to underlying themes, that peer pressure is not something you should give into. Alcide’s fellow werewolves offered and suggested that he take a drug to make him stronger. Knowing the other effects the drug, Alcide stood his ground and just said no.

Third, we see an conversation between Sookie and Sam about whether or not they would change who they are if they were given the chance. Sookie, a faerie, recently found out that if she used up all of her magic, she would become human. She never liked being a faerie in the first place. She talks with Sam, a shape-shifter, who has been experiencing violent discrimination. Sam tells her that he wishes he could say that he would stay they way he is, but he’s so tired of always fighting. Then Sookie makes the point that all the hatred in the world wouldn’t go away, and it would still bother them, even if it wasn’t directed at them.  Sam goes on to say that if he were normal, the world would be a safer place for the people he loves, but we are what we are. I think this scene has a lot of meaning for a lot of people in the world today. Think about it, anything different about you is what makes you, you. If you take that away, would you really be you? And what is normal anyway? Cliche, I know, but it’s true. Everyone has something about them that makes them different. Some people, for reasons beyond my understanding, can’t handle some of the differences other people possess. This causes those people to feel bad about what they are. That’s just upsetting.

Conclusively, you let that freak flag fly, gurl!


Appreciate the Little Things

That’s what everyone says. And it’s completely true. When you think about your childhood, you think about playing outside with friends, or spending time with your favorite uncle; the things you didn’t appreciate back then, but maybe wish you could do now. The big things, like going to Disney World, were appreciate back then, so they aren’t so prominent now.

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While the small things should be appreciated, they are also the things that can really bother you. Here is a list of the small things that bother me, enjoy:

  • When you ask someone for the time, and you know they have a watch, or phone, or other time telling device, and they give you some smart ass answer like “Time for you to get a watch” or “A freckle passed a hair.” Really? Just tell me the time.
  • The Mac/PC fight. I don’t know how many people have noticed, but a lot of Mac users hate PCs and think they are the biggest pieces of crap. PC users however, seem to be split, some don’t want anything to do with Macs because of the different set up and such, and others want a Mac more than anything because they think it will be better, or faster, or whatever. I have used both. PCs seem to better for internet browsing and game playing (games like the Sims). Macs work better for programs, like music mixing and other things like that. Also, my Mac doesn’t load YouTube videos very quickly, and has a hard time picking up on my wireless network. My PC loads the videos rather quickly, and has no problem finding my network. Not saying that I like PCs better, just that they are useful for different purposes.
  • When TV shows become too complex. The examples I can think of right now are Supernatural and Ghost Whisperer. Both of these shows started out with a small underlying theme that tied the episodes together, but weren’t a major need-to-know part of the show. When Supernatural started, the main idea was catching a stopping a demon or other evil force, with the underlying theme of finding their father. A few seasons in, Sam unlocked the portal to Hell and then the entire theme became stopping the apocalypse. At that point it was like if you missed an episode, you were completely lost. It was the same with Ghost Whisperer. First they killed her husband and made him come back in someone else’s body but it looked like him until you saw his reflection. Then he had a kid, from her husband pre-death. The kid brought a whole new theme of shadows and shinnies that was too much to keep up with.
  • That awkward moment when it’s not that awkward. This phrase started out explaining moments that were actually awkward, like “That awkward moment when its quiet in class so your stomach decides to sound like a dying whale.” Okay, so maybe that’s not the best example, but at least that can be awkward. Now we see ones like, “That awkward moment when your friend texts you “brb” and is gone for five hours.” First of all, that’s not awkward because they didn’t leave you in person, you were only texting. Second, if its that much of a problem, text them back.
  • YOLO. People use this as an excuse to do stupid things. Like, “Hey, I think I’ll drink and drive cause, I mean, YOLO.” Yes, you blubbering idiot, you do only live once, so don’t screw it up! You’re basically saying, “Im going to risk my life (and everyone else’s in this case) because I only live once. You’re an idiot.

Okay, this is way longer than I thought so: To be continued.