Weekly Photo Challenge: Symbol

At first I didn’t know what to do for this challenge. I figured I could scroll through my picture until either something popped out, sparked inspiration, or I found a picture that I wanted an excuse to post for you all.

Well, this picture happened to be all three.


I liked this photo for a few reasons. First, because I think lizards are cool. I mean, they can detach their tails. How cool is that? Also because of the things that lizards symbolize. Often, these little guys (and gals) are used to represent hidden talents or gifts. Just looking at this guy, you can’t really tell that he can detach his tail, or camouflage himself to hide from predators; but he can. We as humans need to remember the special talents that we have. Most of us have thumbs. That’s pretty cool. We also have the ability to use and understand some of the most complex languages. Our intelligence is pretty impressive too. We also have individual talents that sometimes stay hidden.

Another reason I liked this picture is because the lizard was hidden out of site of the trail I was hiking, and he’s also hidden under branches and leaves. While he doesn’t blend in with the moss very well, he did blend in with the other rocks. With all of that, he was still in the perfect spot to be seen.


For the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge

Part of the Daily Blogging Challenge July 2015

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Symbol

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